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Radio Frequencies for the 2008 Tour de Georgia

This was sent in by a steephill.tv viewer...

Attached is a document detailing the radio frequencies to be used by the Tour de Georgia this year.  Any fan attending the race may tune in using a compatible scanner - this include the Radio Tour channel, which provides the entire caravan with race updates, as well as many of the the usual, popular web feeds.

Typically, a wideband scanner radio, like the types folks use to listen to car-to-pit transmissions at NASCAR races or to listen to police / fire transmissions, is what is needed.

UHF works via line-of-site, which would yield a range of only 10 - 20 miles. However, the TdG uses a repeater mounted in an airplane which flies overhead, which then relays the line-of-site or simplex signal over much greater distances. Last year on Brasstown Bald, we were able to receive signals all the way from Dalton, which was over 80 miles and several mountain ranges away.

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Todd Curtis Fryburger