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The Dolomites: expect similar scenery for mountain stages 2 and 4 (photo w/ permission by photolupi)
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2010 Giro del Trentino Teams
Team Rosters and Withdrawals

Giro del Trentino 2011 News and Updates

2011 dates: APR-19 to APR-22

Giro del Trentino 2010 News and Updates

Stage 4: Domenico Pozzovivo's win denies Riccardo Ricco the extra bonus seconds he needed; Alexandre Vinokourov barely escapes with the overall win

Stage 4 results:                                               
1  Domenico Pozzovivo (ITA) Colnago - CSF Inox          4:44:54 (34.1 km/h) - 0:10
2  Riccardo Ricco' (ITA) Ceramica Flaminia               + 0:03             - 0:06
3  Sergio Pardilla Bellon (ESP) Carmiooro NGC            + 0:20             - 0:04
4  Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) Astana                     + 0:23
5  Przemyslaw Niemiec (POL) Miche                        + 0:37
6  Michele Scarponi (ITA) Androni Giocattoli             + 0:38 
7  Ivan Basso (ITA) Liquigas-Doimo                       + 0:42 
8  Damiano Caruso (ITA) De Rosa - Stac Plastic           + 0:49 
9  Vladimir Miholjevic (CRO) Acqua & Sapone              + 0:54 
10 Johann Tschopp (SWI) BBox Bouygues Telecom            + 0:58

Final classification
1  Alexandre Vinokourov (KAZ) Astana                   13:50:23
2  Riccardo Ricco: (ITA) Ceramica Flaminia               + 0:00.14
3  Domenico Pozzovivo (ITA) Colnago - CSF Inox           + 0:42
4  Michele Scarponi (ITA) Androni Giocattoli             + 0:44
5  Ivan Basso (ITA) Liquigas-Doimo                       + 0:56
6  Sergio Pardilla Bellon (ESP) Carmiooro NGC            + 1:28
7  Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez (COL) Androni Giocattoli     + 0:38
8  Vladimir Miholjevic (CRO) Acqua & Sapone              + 1:41
9  Evgeny Petrov (RUS) Team Katusha                      + 1:51
10 Damiano Caruso (ITA) De Rosa - Stac Plastic           + 1:59 (best young rider)
Trentino a Vinokourov Riccò 2° a 12 centesimi! (interviews in italian) —
Pozzovivo triumphs at Tesero (report has time mistakes) — cyclingnews
Victory Salutegirodeltrentino
Stage 4 Photostreamgirodeltrentino
  Stage 4 Brief Highlights (1'43 music) — girodeltrentino
Stage 4 photoscyclingnews
Official Stage 4 Resultsgirodeltrentino
Official Final General Classificationgirodeltrentino
Alpe di Pampeago Extended Highlights:   Part 1 (08:20)  |    Part 2, Last 2 Km (10:56) — rai sport+
  Brief Highlights: Vinokourov edges Trentino victory (00:30 english) — uk.eurosport
Simoni doubtful about riding the Giro d'Italia cyclingnews
Questions over Basso's form, Simoni's future after Giro del Trentinovelonation
April 23 update: The final stage features a mountaintop finish at Alpe di Pampeago (1740m el, distance: 7.8 km, 9.6% avg grade, 16% max), a popular finish in the Giro d'Italia last used in 2008. With an average grade of 9.6% (or 10.1% depending on the source), it's the hardest climb of this year's Giro del Trentino. With bonus time for a win, Riccardo Ricco stands a good chance at making up the 26 seconds he needs to beat Alexandre Vinokourov. See the race summary table (r) for links to the stage profile, interactive map and timetable. — Steve

  Pantani beats Simoni on Alpe di Pampeago at the 1999 Giro d'Italia (09'09)  |  results
9 Big Photos from last year's GdT Stage 2 finish on Alpe di Pampeagosirotti
Interactive map and profile with Google Earth

In Diretta: Live Coverage and Delayed Video Coverage

April 19 update: There will delayed, same day video on RAI Sport at various times. The RAI TV guide is showing stage 1 coverage at 15:45 20:25 which could be live while all other stages are listed later each day. The official site is promising live text updates; however, Italian race organizers are notoriously bad with live updates. We'll see how this unfolds. Feel free to chip in if you see something good. — Steve

media source tv or internet comments/restrictions
rai    delayed video (italian)
   delayed video (??)
  tv schedule
Italy; It looks like there will be live video of Monday's stage 1 at 15:45 20.25 CEST (30 min). Check back for an unrestricted link. See the guide for delayed video of all other stages.
 live text updates (english)
official live text updates. As usual, like other Italian races, the organizers posted virtually nothing "live" for stage 1 so don't get your hopes up for the remaining stages.
 steephill text updates
 official text updates
 #trentino twitter group
short text updates from any and everyone
check back at race time for more and updated links; email send a comment or a new live link

Stage 3 results: Break survivor Alessandro Bertolini (Androni Giocattoli) spoils the only opportunity for the sprinters

Stage 3 results:                                               
1  Alessandro Bertolini (ITA) Androni Giocattoli    4:02:04 (39.6 km/h)   - 0:10
2  Alessandro Petacchi (ITA) Lampre-Farnese Vini     + 0:02               - 0:06
3  Roberto Ferrari (ITA) De Rosa - Stac Plastic                           - 0:04
4  Mirco Lorenzetto (ITA) Lampre-Farnese Vini
5  Simon Clarke (AUS) ISD - Neri
6  Mikhaylo Khalilov (UKR) Team Katusha
7  Daniele Ratto (ITA) Carmiooro NGC
8  Daniel Oss (ITA) Liquigas-Doimo
9  Simon Geschke (GER) Skil - Shimano 
10 Krzysztof Szczawinski (POL) Miche

General classification after stage 3
1  Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana)                    9:05:06
2  Riccardo Riccò (Flaminia)                         + 0:26
3  Michele Scarponi (Androni Giocattoli)             + 0:29
Bertolini triumphs in Trentocyclingnews
A Trento vince Bertolini Vinokourov resta
  Bertolini post-stage interview (1'14 italian) —
Victory Salutegirodeltrentino
Podium Salutegirodeltrentino
Stage 3 Photostreamgirodeltrentino
Stage 3 photoscyclingnews
  Stage 3 Highlights (10'29 italian) — rai sport+
Full Stage 3 Resultsgirodeltrentino
Full General Classification after Stage 3girodeltrentino
April 22 update: Stage 3 starts with an ascent of the cat 1 Passo Rolle, the highest climb in the year's Giro del Trentino before following a rollercoaster descent for the next 130 km. The final 12 kms heading into Trento are dead flat. 30% chance of rain in the forecast. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile, interactive map, timetable for more on this stage. — Steve

  Stage 3 promo video (1'04 music) — girodeltrentino
Interactive map and profile with Google Earth

Stage 2 results: Ex-dopers dominate the finish at San Martino di Castrozza

Stage 2 results:
1  Riccardo Riccò (Ceramica Flaminia)       4:47:59 (33.8 km/h)     - 0:10
2  Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana)                                    - 0:06
3  Ivan Basso (Liquigas)                                            - 0:04
4  Jose Serpa Perez (Androni Giocattoli)
5  Domenico Pozzovivo (Colnago)
6  Sergio Pardilla (Carmiooro)
7  Michele Scarponi (Androni Giocattoli)
8  Tadej Valjavec (Ag2R)                     + 0:06
9  Thomas Frei (BMC)                         + 0:11
10 Robert Kiserlovski (Liquigas)

General classification after stage 2
1  Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana)            5:03:00
2  Riccardo Riccò (Flaminia)                 + 0:26
3  Michele Scarponi (Androni Giocattoli)     + 0:29
Trentino, che spettacolo Riccò davanti a
Ricco' rules San Martino di Castrozzacyclingnews
  Riccò post-stage interview (0'40 italian) —
Full Stage 2 Resultsgirodeltrentino
Full General Classification after Stage 2girodeltrentino
Stage 2 photoscyclingnews
Stage 2 Photostreamgirodeltrentino
  Extended Highlights: Penultimate Cat 1 Climb (10:49)  |  Final Climb (10:47) — rai sport+
BMC team statement regarding Thomas Frei positive EPO testbmcracingteam
BMC Racing's Thomas Frei tests postive for EPO (test was 6 wks ago) — velonation
  Stage 2 Brief Highlights (2'33 music) — girodeltrentino
  Stage 2 Interviews (1'04 italian) — girodeltrentino
April 20 update: Stage 2 finishes at San Martino di Castrozza (climb profile) where last year's Giro d'Italia stage 4 finished (photos and report). In addition to the cat 1 finish (avg grade 6.4%), there is a harder cat 1 leading up to the it, Passo del Brocon (avg grade 7.6%) which tops out at 1616m elevation 50 km from the finish. It should be a good one. Unfortunately, there will only be delayed video coverage. Also see the race summary table (r) for the stage profile, interactive map, timetable for this stage of Giro del Trentino. — Steve

  San Martino di Castrozza promo video (1'29 music) — girodeltrentino

Stage 1 results: Vinokourov takes the opening ITT

Stage 1 Results
1  Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana)              15:07 (49.6 km/h)     
2  Stefano Garzelli (Acqua & Sapone)         + 0:16                  
3  Matteo Montagurti (De Rosa Stac Plastic)  + 0:18                  
4  Michele Scarponi (Androni Diquigiovanni)  + 0:23
5  Piet Rooijakkers (Skil Shimano)           + 0:25
6  Timon Seubert (NetApp)                    + 0:27
7  Evgeny Petrov (Katusha)                   + 0:28
8  Riccardo Ricco (Ceramica Flaminia)        + 0:30
9  Alessandro Bertolini (Androni Diqui.)     + 0:32
10 Jose Serpa Perez (Androni Diquigiovanni)  + 0:32
13 Ivan Basso (Liquigas)                     + 0:34
46 Gilberto Simoni (Lampre)                  + 1:07
Full Official Resultsgirodeltrentino
Trentino: a Vinokourov la crono d'
Stage 1 Photostreamgirodeltrentino
  Video from the team car (02:49) — team netapp
Stage 1 photoscyclingnews
Vino sfreccia nella crono Riccò meglio di
Vinokourov fastest at Lake Gardacyclingnews
  Stage 1 ITT Highlights (10:42 italian) — rai sport
April 19 update: Stage 1 is a flat 12 km time trial that starts and finishes on gorgeous Lake Garda (). According to the RAI TV Guide, there is live video of this stage. There should also be live text updates from the official site. Expect delayed video for all stages. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile, map, timetable and race previews below. — Steve
  Lake Garda promo video (1'29 music) — girodeltrentino
Official Startlist (updated: April 20th 00:11 PDT)
ITT Start Order and Times
  Clips from a team carteam netapp

2010 Previews and Official Team Rosters

April 19 update: Many great climbers have won the Giro del Trentino but it's probably the most unheralded stage race in cycling. It takes place in the spectacular Dolomites, in or near the Province of Trento (Trentino), where many of Italy's best cyclists live. It's one of the last races before the Giro d'Italia, but it also brings out some very good pro continental and domestic climbers whose teams weren't selected for the main event (The Giro). The overlap with the Ardennes classics, the lack of live video or even decent text updates and the remoteness of this race are several key reasons why this race doesn't draw more attention. In many ways, this race is the Italian counterpart to the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré in France.

Here are the 2010 team rosters. Gilberto Simoni was recently signed by Lampre and will be racing Giro del Trentino and the Giro d'Italia for his farewell tour. Giampaolo Caruso was listed earlier for Ceramica Flaminia, but he was just recently signed by Katusha and is not on the official startlist. — Steve

Giro favourites warm up in Trentinocyclingnews
34th Giro del Trentino - Previewdailypeloton
Giro del Trentino: Liquigas looks to Basso and Pellizottivelonation
Basso e Garzelli, assalto al Giro del
Simoni al suo ultimo Giro del
Vinokourov and Riccò to tackle Giro del Trentinocyclingnews
44 Big photos from Giro del Trentino 2009sirotti

Pre-Race Press conference:

Pre-race prep:

Serata di Gala:

Race Promo:

2010 Stage maps, profiles and timetables now posted

April 13 update: See the links in the race summary table.

Route Presentation:

2010 Teams Announced

April 12 update:
Pro Tour:
Liquigas-Doimo (Basso, Pellizotti)
Astana (Vinokourov, Iglinsky, Gasparotto)
Lampre Farnese (Petacchi, Marzano)
AG2R La Mondiale (Valjavec)
Team Katusha (Ignatiev, Napolitano)

Profesional continental:
BMC Racing Team (Moos)
BBox Bouygues Telekom
Acqua&Sapone (Garzelli, Masciarelli)
Androni-Diquigiovanni (Scarponi, Loddo)
ISD-Neri (Rujano)
Colnago-CSF (Pozzovivo)
Ceramica Flaminia (Riccò, Noè)
De Rosa-Stac Plastic (Montaguti, Ferrari)
Voralberg-Corraatec (Dietziker, Camussa),
Skil-Shimano (Cornu)
Carmioro-NGC (Sella, Pardilla)

Miche (Rasmussen, Niemec)
Mroz Active Jet
Team NetApp (Benedetti)
Adria Mobil
Tyrol Team

2010 Host Towns announced

Feburary 27 update:
April 21: DRO - SAN MARTINO DI CASTROZZA (172,5km)
  2010 Race Promo (01:06) — girodeltrentino

January 31 update: The 2010 Giro del Trentino is April 20 - 23, 2010. Astana led by Alexander Vinokourov have confirmed their participation. Vinokourov is expected to use it for his Giro d'Italia final prep. Ivan Basso has also confirmed he will defend his overal win from last year for Liguigas-Doimo. The new BMC Racing team plans to bring the former world champ, Alessandro Ballan, and current world champion, Cadel Evans.

The 2010 edition will once again start with a time-trial. Stage Two, labeled the Queen Stage for 2010, will be a mountain stage that starts in Garda Trentino and finishes at San Martino di Castrozza. The third stage starts at Fiera di Primiero and will suit to the sprinters with a flat profile. The 2010 edition will end with mountainous stage and a finish atop the Alpe di Pampeago - Val di Fiemme (1757 metres). More details to come... Steve

Basso to defend Giro del Trentino titlecyclingnews

1 Wednesday, April 22nd 17.5 km 
TorboleArco TT
profile | map | timetable | results | photos | video
2 Thursday, April 23rd 141 km 
Riva del GardaAlpe di Pampeago
profile | map | timetable | results | photos | video
3 Friday, April 24th 165 km 
TeseroInnervillgraten, AT
profile | map | timetable | results | photos | video
4 Saturday, April 25th 214 km 
Sillian, ATPejo Fonti
profile | map | timetable | results | photos | video
  Total Distance 565 km 

copyright (c) 2008, 2009

2009 Giro del Trentino Teams
Team Rosters and Withdrawals

Liquigas (LIQ)
  3NOE  AndreaITA
  5OSS  DanielITA
  6SZMYD  SylvesterPOL
  7ZAUGG  OliverSUI
Astana (AST)
  14KLÖDEN  AndreasGER
  15POPOVYCH  YaroslavUKR
  17RENEV  SergeyKAZ
  18ZEITS  AndreyKAZ
Lampre - NGC (LAM)
  23DA DALTO  MauroITA
  24TOMEI  FrancescoITA
  25MORI  MassimilianoITA
  27ZAGORODNY  VolodymyrUKR
  28BINDI  EmanueleITA
ag2r - La Mondiale (ALM)
  31BONNAFOND  GuillaumeFRA
  32DESSEL  CyrilFRA
  33KADRI  BielFRA
  36SONNERY  BlaiseFRA
  37TURPIN  LudovicFRA
LPR Brakes Farnese Vini (LPR)
  42BOSISIO  GabrieleITA
  43DI LUCA  DaniloITA
  44ERMETI  GiairoITA
  45CHIARINI  RiccardoITA
  46SPEZIALETTI  AlessandroITA
Acqua & Sapone - Caffe Mokambo (ASA)
  51MARZOLI  RuggeroITA
  52CODOL  MassimoITA
  53FAILLI  FrancescoITA
  54GARZELLI  StefanoITA
  58ORTEGA  DidacESP
Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli (SDA)
  61SIMONI  GilbertoITA
  62CELLI  LucaITA
  64DE BONIS  FrancescoITA
  65MOSER  LeonardoITA
  66OCHOA  Carlos JoseVEN
  71VISCONTI  GiovanniITA
  72GRIVKO  AndriyUKR
  74VONA  Emanuele ITA
  75CIONI  Dario DavidITA
  77SCARSELLI  LeonardoITA
  78HUZARSKI  BartoszPOL
Ceramica Flaminia - Bossini Docce (FLM)
  81SIMEONI  FilippoITA
  82CARUSO  GiampaoloITA
  83GENTILI  MassimilianoITA
  84ANGELONI  AdrianoITA
  85KAIRELIS  DainiusLTU
  86FUMAGALLI  CristianoITA
  87DUMA  VladimirUKR
Barloworld (BAR)
  91CACCIA  DiegoITA
  92HUNTER  RobertRSA
  93BELLOTTI  FrancescoITA
  94MERLO  MicheleITA
  96THOMAS  GeraintGBR
Amica Chips-Knauf (AMI)
  102ANZA  SantoITA
  104KVASINA  MatijaCRO
  105RATTI  EddyITA
  106SAMOILAU  BranislauBLR
  107GAROFOLO  VincenzoITA
CSF Group-Navigare (CSF)
  111POZZOVIVO  DomenicoITA
  112BALIANI  FortunatoITA
  113BISOLTI  AlessandroITA
  115STORTONI  SimoneITA
  116ZEN  EnricoITA
  117CANUTI  FedericoITA
Adria Mobil (ADR)
  121NOSE  TomazSLO
  122FAJT  KristjanSLO
  123SVAB  MihaSLO
  124VRECER  RobertSLO
  126SIGNEGO  AlessioITA
  127ZAGAR  JureSLO
  128GNEZDA  MatejSLO
PSK Whirlpool-Author (PSK)
  131BENCIK  PetrCZE
  132MARES  MartinCZE
  135KONIG  LeopoldCZE
  136DANACIK  JakubCZE
  137KLOUCEK  FrantisekCZE
  138HEBIK  MartinCZE
Elk Haus (ELK)
  141DENIFL  StefanAUT
  143SUMMER  JochenAUT
  145BRANDLE  MatthiasAUT
  146THURAU  BjornGER
  148LAUSCHA  GeorgAUT
Vorarlberg - Corratec (VBG)
  151GUFLER  AlexanderITA
  152ACKERMANN  SilvèreSUI
  153STRGAR  MaticSLO
  154EGGER  AlexanderAUT
  155SCHMAEH  EliasSUI
Miche-Silver Cross-Selle Italia (MIE)
  161GIUNTI  MassimoITA
  162MOLETTA  AndreaITA
  163MUTO  PasqualeITA
  164NIEMIEC  PrzemyslawPOL
  166TONDO  PierpaoloITA
  167PALANDRI  MarinoITA
  168SZCZAWINSKI  KrzysztofPOL
Xacobeo Galicia (XGZ)
  172MARTINEZ  SerafinESP
  173MOURON DOLDAN  Juan FranciscoESP
  174PALEO  AlejandroESP
  175GARCIA  MarcosESP
Carmiooro - A Style (CMO)
  181RATTI  AristideITA
  185TIZZA  FrancescoITA
  186COLLI  DanieleITA
  187TAMAYO MARTINEZ  Diego AlejandroCOL
Centri della Calzatura (CZP)
  191KROL  ArturPOL
  192SOBAL  YauhenBLR
  194RUBIANO CHAVEZ  Miguel AngelCOL
Betonexpressz 2000 - Limonta (BLM)
  201CANNONE  DonatoITA
  202PROCH  WalterITA
  203QUADRANTI  AntonioITA
  204CZIRAKI  IstvanHUN
  207RICHEZE  Roberto AntonioARG
  208COHNEN  StefanNED

Giro del Trentino 2009 News and Updates

April 29 update:
44 Big photos from Giro del Trentino 2009sirotti

Stage 4: Di Luca wins the final stage, Liquigas/Basso drop Brajkovic on the final climb; Basso wins the overall

Stage 4 Results
1 Danilo Di Luca (Ita) LPR Brakes-Farnese Vini           214.2km in 4.58.19
2 Giampaolo Caruso (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia-Bossini Docce
3 Stefano Garzelli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo
4 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) CSF Group-Navigare
5 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas                                          + 0.04
6 Przemyslaw Niemec (Pol) Miche-Silver Cross                         + 0.22
7 Gilberto Simoni (Ita) Diquigiovanni-Androni                        + 0.22
8 Leonardo Bertagnolli (Ita) Amica Chips-Knauf                       + 0.22
9 Jackson Rodriguez (Ita) Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli           + 0.22
10 Janez Brajkovic (Slo) Astana                                      + 0.30

Final Classification
1 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas                                        13.17.50
2 Janez Brajkovic (Slo) Astana                                       + 0.22
3 Przemyslaw Niemec (Pol) Miche-Silver Cross                         + 0.33
4 Stefano Garzelli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo                + 0.55
5 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) CSF Group-Navigare                        + 1.08
6 Gilberto Simoni (Ita) Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli             + 1.14
7 Giampaolo Caruso (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia-Bossini Docce             + 1.18
8 Danilo Di Luca (Ita) LPR Brakes-Farnese Vini                       + 1.49
  April 25 update:
Basso wins Giro del
Basso back, Di Luca stagecyclingnews
Basso takes overall at Trentinovelonews
Organizer race and ambient photos from Stage 4girodeltrentino
Stage 4
  Stage 4 Highlightsgirodeltrentino
9 Big Photos from Stage 4sirotti

Video Streaming and TV Coverage

April 25 update: The final stage is today. No live video coverage during the event, but RAI Sport has been showing highlights each evening (Italy time) and the official site has had live updates in both italian and english. — Steve

Stage 4 Start Time: Saturday 10:00 PM CEST ();
See all the live video, audio and text options
Approximate Finish: 15:21 PM CEST ()

Stage 4 Preview
Current Time, Weather and Wind Direction in Trento, Italy

media source tv or internet comments/restrictions
rai    video streaming
(restricted to Italy)
   video streaming
  tv schedule
RAI Sport will have 30 mins of highlights each evening. Stage 4 highlights will air Saturday at 20:55 CEST () completed
 live text updates
 live text updates
official live text updates.
 steephill text updates
 #trentino twitter group
short text updates from any and everyone
check back at race time for more and updated links; email send a comment or a new live link

Stage 3 results: Robert Hunter wins in Austria, Brajkovic remains in yellow

Stage 3 Results
1 Robert Hunter (RSA) Barloworld                         4.09.16  (38.513 km/h)
2 Stefano Garzelli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone
3 Danilo Di Luca (Ita) LPR Brakes - Farnese Vini                                 
4 Jackson Rodriguez (Ven) Diquigiovanni-Androni        
5 Pasquale Muto (Ita) Miche - Silver Cross        

General Classification after stage 3
1 Jani Brajkovic (Astana)             
2 Ivan Basso (Liquigas)                        + 0'04"
3 Przemyslaw Niemiec (Miche-Silver)            + 0'19"
  Hunter vince, Di Luca c'è Festa per due in
Hunter wins in Austria, Brajkovic remains in yellowcyclingnews
Official Full Results/Ordine d'Arrivogirodeltrentino
Stage 3 photosgirodeltrentino
Stage 3
Brajkovic Carries Onastana-cyclingteam
  Stage 3 Highlightsgirodeltrentino
  Stage 3 HighlightsRAI Sport
Stage 3
9 Big Photos from Stage 3sirotti

Stage 2 results: Poland's Przemyslaw Niemiec of Miche-Silver storms to the top of Alpe di Pampeago 22 seconds ahead Ivan Basso

Stage 2 Results
1 Przemyslaw Niemiec (Miche-Silver) 137 km in 3h50'44" 
2 Ivan Basso (Liquigas)                        + 0'22"
3 Giampaolo Caruso (Flaminia)                  + 0'45"
4 Gilberto Simoni (Diquigiovanni-Androni)      + 0'45"
5 Jani Brajkovic (Astana)                      + 1'01"

General Classification after stage 2
1 Jani Brajkovic (Astana)             
2 Ivan Basso (Liquigas)                        + 0'04"
3 Przemyslaw Niemiec (Miche-Silver)            + 0'22"
  Trentino, Niemec solitario Battuti Basso e
high-res victory salute
Stage 2
Full Results and Reportcyclingnews
From Klöden To Brajkovicastana-cyclingteam
Niemec vince la tappa, Brajkovic nuovo leader ma è Ivan Basso la vera stella di Pampeagogirodeltrentino
Official Results/Ordine d'Arrivogirodeltrentino
Organizer race and ambient photos from Stage 2girodeltrentino
  Stage 2 Highlightsgirodeltrentino
Stage 2
9 Big Photos from Stage 2sirotti

Stage 1 results: Kloeden wins the short opening TT by one second ahead of his teammate, Jani Brajkovic

Stage 1 Results
1 Andreas Kloeden (Astana, Ger)  18'21" 53,290 kph
2 Jani Brajkovic (Astana)         0'01"
3 Andrey Grivko (Milram)          0'07"
Ivan Basso                       19'11"
Gilberto Simoni                  19'38"
Trentino, crono a Klö
Official Results/Ordine d'Arrivogirodeltrentino
Team Astana One And Two In Trentinoastana-cyclingteam
Results and Reportcyclingnews
  Stage 1 TT Highlightsgirodeltrentino
Stage 1 photosgirodeltrentino
Stage 1
  Stage 1 HighlightsRAI Sport
9 Big Photos from Stage 1sirotti

Race Preview: Mountain Getaway

April 20 update: A four day stage race, the Giro del Trentino serves as a training race for the Giro d’Italia, and in particular for the mountain stages of Italy’s grand tour. Mountains dominate the region of Trentino, situated in Northeastern Italy and bordering Austria. This is the home region of Francesco Moser and Gilberto Simoni, and it’s easy to see why it would breed climbers. As the stage profiles for this Giro del Trentino show, flat roads are few and far between.

"The Giro del Trentino will be harder than ever. Too bad, that Armstrong will not be there, but Basso and Simoni will give a nice antipasto for the Giro d'Italia," commented Francesco Moser recently. This year’s race welcomes four previous Giro d’Italia winners: Ivan Basso of Team Liquigas, Danilo Diluca of LPR Brakes, Stefano Garzelli of Acqua e Sapone, and local boy, Gilberto Simoni of Diquigiovanni-Androni. Team Liquigas will also bring Giro co-captain Franco Pellizotti to the party in Trentino. Pellizotti finished fourth in last year’s Giro d’Italia.

Other riders to watch include Andreas Klöden who will lead Astana, climbers Félix Cardenas and Juan Mauricio Soler representing Barloworld, last year’s Giro third place Marzio Bruseghin of Lampre-Ngc, former Italian National Champion Giovanni Visconti of ISD, and climber Ezequiel Mosquera of Xacobeo-Galicia who finished fourth in last year’s Vuelta a España. Alessandro Petacchi will start for LPR Brakes, though he will not enjoy much, if any podium time on this mountainous course. Last year’s winner Vincenzo Nibali of Team Liquigas will not ride Trentino, as he is busy in the Ardennes this week. Likewise, for former winner Damiano Cunego of Lampre-Ngc.

The race will have a special prime for the "most combative" rider to commemorate Enzo Moser, the older brother of Francesco Moser. Enzo Moser, who wore the Maglia Rosa for two days in the 1964 Giro, was killed in an accident last July. The journalists covering the race will determine the winner of this prize by vote. There will also be a special prime for the winner of stage 2 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Marco Pantani's win on the Alpe di Pampeago during the 1999 Giro d’Italia.

The Stages

Stage 1. The Giro del Trentino opens with a 17.5 kilometer time trial whose profile is almost completely flat. The course begins in the town of Torbole on the banks of the Lago di Garda. After a series of loopy bits, the course travels northeast to finish in Arco, one of the many valley towns set among the mountains in Trentino. The crono is curvaceous and technical, boasting 52 corners.

This stage is one for the crono specialists, but the short distance won't hurt the climbers too much. Gilberto Simoni will still be smiling when it's over, but Basso will be smiling even more. Marzio Bruseghin should ride well here, as should Andreas Klöden.

Stage 2. The second stage begins in Riva del Garda near where the crono began. The course follows the valley floor Northeast approximately 50 kilometers until it reaches Trento. The flat kilometers are a tease, though, for this stage is made for the climbers.

Just outside Trento comes the first climb of the day, the Vigolo Vattaro. The Vigolo Vattaro lies in the mountains surrounding Trento and climbs for 10.42 kilometers at an average gradient of 5% (maximum, 7.8%). Just a sign of what is to come, this climb serves to whet the appetite. After a brief descent, it's all climbing to the finish of this stage.

Gilberto Simoni will certainly be smiling today, as the race travels his home roads and into his favorite terrain. The road traces a long, gradual climb through the forested lower slopes of Trentino's mountains, before finishing on the Alpe di Pampeago, a short, steep bit of uphill nastiness. The Pampeago is deceptively brief, just 9 kilometers, but it boasts an average gradient of 8.7%, and a maximum gradient of 16%. Only the pure climbers will enjoy this one.

The stage commemorates the 1999 victory of Marco Pantani in Stage 19 of the Giro d'Italia. Two days later, the UCI ejected Pantani from the race after a blood test showed a hematocrit above 50 percent. Ivan Gotti went on to win that year's Giro. Gilberto Simoni finished second on the Pampeago in 1999, just over a minute behind Pantani. Four years later, Gilberto Simoni got his chance to celebrate victory in front of his local fans when the Giro d'Italia visited the Pampeago again in 2003. The climber from nearby Palu di Giove beat Stefano Garzelli by 35 seconds. They will meet again on the Pampeago in this year's Giro del Trentino.

Stage 3. The route slip calls for more climbing during the third stage, which begins in Tesero and travels to Innervillgraten in the East Tirol region of Austria. In between lies the Gruppo del Sella, the group of peaks in the Dolomiti which includes the Passo Sella and the Passo Pordoi. The riders will climb two peaks in the Gruppo del Sella, the Passo Sella and the Passo Gardena. The Passo Sella covers 11.5 kilometers, climbs 758 meters, and has an average gradient of 6.6%. The maximum is approximately 8 percent, about half as steep as the Pampeago.

From the summit of the Passo Sella, the riders descent 5 kilometers before facing the next climb of the day, the Passo Gardena. Fortunately, the Gardena is short with a relatively gentle gradient, only 6 kilometers averaging 6 percent. After descending the Passo Gardena, the course follows a series of Alpine valleys, passing through Brunico. There is 25 kilometers of downhill false flat after climbing the Sella and the Gardena.

With 60 kilometers to go, the course turns ever so slightly uphill, and the riders will grind up a 2 percent gradient until they reach the town of Silien. The last 15 kilometers climb with an average gradient of 3 percent into Innervillgraten, a picture-book Tyrol town tucked between the steep slopes of the Alps. The finish is uphill.

The climbs come early in this stage, offering the chance for many riders to return to the field before the finish. Perhaps a break will survive to celebrate victory in Austria, but it's more likely that a sizeable group will contest the finish.

Stage 4. For stage 4, the race departs from Sillian in the East Tyrol and re-traces its steps back into Italy to finish at Pejo Fonti. For the first 125 kilometers, the terrain is mostly flat, and the course steadily descends in altitude. Then, it's back into the mountains. The main climb of the day is the Passo Mendola, which climbs 14.8 kilometers and has an average gradient of 6.5%. Cut into the side of the mountain, which rises at a near-verticle pitch from the valley floor, the road serpentines to the summit.

After 14.8 kilometers of climbing, the riders pass through the ski town at the summit of the Passo Mendola, and begin their descent. There follows 30 kilometers of descending at approximately 3%. But again, the road turns upward, beginning a gradual climb to the finish in the tree-lined Alpine town of Pejo Fonti. Fittingly, the stage ends on a 10 kilometer climb, though it isn’t steep at only 4%. Still, allow me to state the obvious: A climber will win in Pejo Fonti.

Parting Shots

The Giro del Trentino favors the climbers, and the winner will come from their ranks. Trentino is often seen as a predictor for the Giro: Damiano Cunego won here before his break-out Giro victory in 2004. At the same time, the Giro favorites, like Ivan Basso, will likely want to hold something in reserve for the big show in May. It would be a fitting celebration of his career, if Gilberto Simoni took out one last win for the home crowd. This year marks the finale of his lengthy career (unless he changes his mind), and this Giro del Trentino with its relentless climbing suits him to perfection. Forza Gibo! — Gavia

Andres Kloeden replaces Lance Armstrong on the official startlist

April 17 update: Official Startlist (slightly outdated since it still has Lance on it)

Stage maps, profiles and timetables now posted

April 7 update: Yesterday, the organziers released the stage maps, profiles and timetables (excluding the stage 4 profile an map). Also, released was the complete list of 20 teams that will partake. — Steve

Armstrong breaks collarbone; cancels Giro del Trentino plans

March 25 update: Un abbraccio e un augurio a Lance Armstronggirodeltrentino

More route info coming in early April

March 3 update: The organizers will release the stage maps, profiles and the remaining teams on April 6th. — Steve

Host cities and some teams officially announced

January 19 update: Thanks to Michael Khaw of Agile Compass cycling tours for pointing out the organizers just announced the official route. I've updated the stage details table (see upper-right) with the host cities. It looks like stages 2 and 4 are the mountain stages. Stage 2 finishes on Alpe di Pampeago, the site of Emanuele Sella's 50k, EPO assisted, solo win at the 2008 Giro d'Italia. Lots of big name teams have signed up: Astana, Liquigas, Lampre, AG2R, Milram, QuickStep, Katusha and Diquigiovanni for starters. — Steve

From the 1999 Giro d'Italia, video of the finishing climb up Alpe di Pampeago where Pantani and Simoni finished first and second.
(good video and music)

January 17 update: Today, Lance Armstrong announced that he will participate at the Giro de Trentino where he'll be bringing along a new time-trial bike. — Steve
Cycling: Lance's second coming more heaven than

That's moi with Trento's, Francisco Moser, at the top of his favorite local climb in 2002. Moser's oldest brother, Enzo, was the first GdT winner back in 1962 when it was a single day race. Francisco won it twice in the 1980s. (enlarge photo)
January 13 update: Giro del Trentino is a mountainous stage race warm-up for the Giro d'Italia that takes place just south of the main Dolomites in Northern Italy in the Trentino (Trento) province. It's home to many past and present Italian greats so the event brings out many big names and ProTour squads but it's not a 2.HC event, the top classification for a UCI stage race. The 2009 dates are April 22-25th 2009. If anyone has pre-announcement information on the actual route then let me know. I do know there will be a stage finish in Innervillgraten in the ancient Tyrol region of Austria.

The Giro del Trentino normally overlaps with the 2.HC Tour de Georgia in the U.S. which has been cancelled for 2009. So, one would expect a banner line-up for this year's Giro del Trentino. In fact, as I found out today from John Calliott's twitter, French press is reporting, via Astana's spokesman Phillip Maertens, that Lance Armstrong will take part in this year's Giro del Trentino. This makes sense in lieu of Lance's upcoming Giro d'Italia appearance and the cancellation of the Tour de Georgia back in the U.S. By the way, Ivan Basso will be at the 2009 Giro del Trentino as well. — Steve

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