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   live video (unrestricted)
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Italy; live coverage starting at 14:30 CEST on RAI Sport 1 and 15:45 CEST on RAI Tre
   live video (italian) Italy; unrestricted live video at 15:00 CET.
   live video (basque)
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eurosport    live video (english)
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Europe; live or delayed coverage and rebroadcasts in 59 countries; delayed coverage starts in the UK at 14:45 BST (GMT + 1:00)/15:45 CEST (90 min)

Audio languages: EN | FR | DE | ES | IT
Ticker languages: EN | FR | DE | ES | IT

sporza    live video (restricted)
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Flemish; Ronde van Lombardije is live on Sporza at 15:30 CEST; likely restricted to Belgium/Europe
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   live video (unrestricted)
  tv schedule (see comments)
U.S. only; subscription required for online view, Live on TV at 9:30am ET (Re-airs at 6:00pm ET)..
   live video (dutch)
   live video (dutch)
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Netherlands; Dutch
   live video ($ norwegian)
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Norway; coverage starts at 14:30 CEST
   live video (japanese)
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occasional updates from Gazzetta dello Sport
 live text updates live text updates starting at ??:?? CEST ()
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German text updates
 steephill text updates
 #lombardia twitter group
short text updates from any and everyone
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