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Vuelta a Andalucía 2015 Live Dashboard
Race Info, Preview, Live Video, Results, Photos and Highlights

Vuelta a Andalucía aka Ruta del Sol ("Route of the Sun"): a spring tune-up in one of the most picturesque areas of Spain. 2015 route details, official startlist, live video details below.

2015 Vuelta a Andalucía Teams
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News and Updates for Vuelta a Andalucía 2015

February 23 update:
Froome-Contador clash at Ruta del Sol reaffirms growing rivalryvelonews

Stage 5 Post-Race Coverage

.@juanjolobato: "Ojalá estos triunfos me den respeto poco a poco en el pelotón" — #61RdS

— Movistar Team (@Movistar_Team) February 22, 2015

— Dan Wuori (@dwuori) February 22, 2015
Full Official Stage 5 Results and Final General Classification
Lobato scorches to victory on final stagecyclingnews
Chris Froome seals Ruta del Sol victory as Juan Jose Lobato wins final stageskysports
Chris Froome wraps up title at 2015 Ruta del Solvelonews
Froome seals morale boosting victory over Contador in Andaluciacyclingnews
Contador: I didn't expect to be going so stronglycyclingnews
Stage 5 photoscyclingnews
Fotos 5ª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 21 update:
Stage 5 Preview and Favoritesc-cycling
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 5 profile, map and timetable.

Stage 4 Post-Race Coverage

Chris Froome "blown away" by solo stage win but insists Ruta del Sol is not over yet

— Sky Sports Cycling (@SkyCycling) February 21, 2015
Full Official Stage 4 Results
Froome seizes overall lead at Vuelta a Andaluciacyclingnews
Chris Froome drops Alberto Contador, takes lead at Ruta del Solvelonews
Chris Froome 'blown away' after beating Alberto Contador on stage fourskysports
Counter-punch: Chris Froome swarms Alberto Contador in Ruta doublevelonews
Contador: I knew I could lose the leader's jerseycyclingnews
Stage 4 photoscyclingnews
Gallery Stage 4velonews
Fotos 4ª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 20 update:
Finish: Puerto de la Guardia 26 pct max. - 3D Interactive Profileveloviewer
Stage 4 Preview and Favoritesc-cycling
Allanadas summit finish will test Vuelta a Andalucía pelotoncyclingnews
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 4 profile, map and timetable.

Stage 3 Post-Race Coverage

Alberto Contador out-climbs Chris Froome to win Ruta del Sol stage three and extend race lead

— Sky Sports Cycling (@SkyCycling) February 20, 2015
Full Official Stage 3 Results
Contador beats Froome on stage 3cyclingnews
Contador extends overall Ruta del Sol lead with stage 3 mountaintop winvelonews
Contador's 'test' nets first win of the season in Vuelta a Andaluciacyclingnews
Froome happy despite losing to Contador at Vuelta a Andaluciacyclingnews
Stage 3 photoscyclingnews
Fotos 4ª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 19 update:
Alto de Hazallanas 3D Interactive Profileveloviewer
Stage 3 Preview and Favoritesc-cycling
Contador and Froome set for battle on Vuelta a Andalucia's first mountain finishcyclingnews
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 3 profile, map and timetable.

Stage 2 Post-Race Coverage

#Ciclismo: Vuelta a Andalucía – La segunda para Lobato Autor: Iván Trave Galindo

— TercerEquipo Cycling (@Ciclismo_TE) February 19, 2015

Vamos para la siguiente etapa... Diferente a la de ayer pero con un equipazo. Feliz de ser TREBUJENERO goo!! TEAM.

— Juanjo Lobato (@juanjolobato) February 20, 2015
Full Official Stage 2 Results
Lobato beats Degenkolb to win stage 2cyclingnews
Contador on the attack in Vuelta a Andaluciacyclingnews
Lobato bounces back from crash to take Vuelta a Andalucia stage wincyclingnews
Stage 2 Photoscyclingnews
Gallery Stage 2velonews
Fotos 2ª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 18 update:
Stage 2 Preview and Favoritesc-cycling
Chris Froome admits Alberto Contador is in better condition at Ruta del Solskysports
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 2 profile, map and timetable.

Stage 1b Post-Race Coverage

.@JaviMorenoBazan gana la CRI de la Ruta del Sol. ¡5 victorias con 5 corredores distintos en 31 días! #61RdS

— Movistar Team (@Movistar_Team) February 18, 2015
Full Official Stage 1b Results
Contador takes race lead in Vuelta Andalucia time trialcyclingnews
Alberto Contador leads after first day with Chris Froome fourthskysports
Moreno wins Ruta time trial, Contador takes time off Froomevelonews
Froome loses time to Contador in first showdowncyclingnews
Contador moves into Vuelta a Andalucia race leadcyclingnews
Stage 1b: Photoscyclingnews
Fotos 1bª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 14 update:
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 1b profile, map and timetable.

Stage 1a Post-Race Coverage

Full Official Stage 1a Results
Ligthart wins Vuelta a Andalucia openercyclingnews
Ligthart wins Ruta del Sol opener in Spainvelonews
Stage 1a Photoscyclingnews
Fotos 1aª Etapavueltaandalucia
February 14 update:
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 1a profile, map and timetable.

2015 Vuelta a Andalucía Preview

Rueda de Prensa con los principales líderes de equipo, gran nivel deportivo de la #61RdS

— Vuelta a Andalucía (@VCANDALUCIA) February 17, 2015
February 17 update:
Contador, Froome ready to clash at Ruta del Solvelonews
Official Startlist w/ bib
Chris Froome eager to test Alberto Contador as 2015 season beginscyclingweekly
With high ambitions, Contador and Basso to get season underway Wednesdaycyclingtips

February 16 update:
Overall Preview and Favoritesc-cycling

February 12 update:
Nairo Quintana to miss Vuelta a Andalucia after nationals crashcyclingweekly

February 6 update:
Chris Froome, Alberto Contador and Nairo Quintana head to Ruta del Solskysports

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Live Video Streaming and TV Coverage

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2015 Vuelta a Andalucía Route Map

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