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Paris-Roubaix 2018 Live Dashboard
Race Info, Preview, Live Video, Results, Photos and Highlights

Paris-Roubaix is the third monument of the cycling season and considered by many the best, most exciting race in cycling. 2018 Hell of the North race info and updates covering every aspect of the event are posted below.

2018 Paris-Roubaix Teams
Team Rosters and Withdrawals
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News and Updates for Paris-Roubaix 2018

Live Wednesday,
2018 De Brabantse Pijl Live (1.HC BEL): race info, startlist, broadcasters, updates

Paris-Roubaix Post-Race Coverage

Full Official Results from Paris Roubaix
Peter Sagan wins Paris-Roubaixcyclingnews
Goolaerts suffers cardiac arrest at Paris-Roubaixcyclingnews
Dillier: Peter Sagan was an angel and a devil in the same personcyclingnews
Phinney's Paris-Roubaix top 10 a long-awaited confirmation of pavé potentialvelonews
Sagan had solo Roubaix victory in mindvelonews
Michael Goolaerts dies after Paris-Roubaix heart attackcyclingtips
Michael Goolaerts dies after Paris-Roubaix crash bbc
Peter Sagan extends WorldTour ranking lead with Paris-Roubaix victorycyclingnews
Philippe Gilbert: I'm disappointed but there are no excusescyclingnews
UCI commissaire explains why Paris-Roubaix wasn't stopped after Michael Goolaerts incidentcyclingweekly
Vanmarcke: My result at the finish was the place I deservedcyclingnews
Is pro cycling doing enough to prevent heart health tragedies?velonews
Roubaix Roundtable: Sagan rewrites story of 2018 classicsvelonews
Oss: Peter Sagan instinctively seized the moment at Paris-Roubaixcyclingnews
Paris-Roubaix - Race debriefcyclingnews
8th at Roubaix: Phinney hates the term ‘comeback,' but this is his story nowcyclingtips

2018 Paris-Roubaix Teams Presentation

April 7 update:

2018 Paris-Roubaix Recon

April 6 update:

2018 Paris-Roubaix Preview

Larger version + More photos from 2014sirotti/reuters
More Paris-Roubaix photos from the past 10 years

April 6/7 update:
Ciclismo Internacional with Favoritesciclismointernacional
Gilbert returns to Paris-Roubaix a different ridercyclingnews
Without fast finisher like Boonen, Quick-Step must attack Roubaixvelonews
Paris-Roubaix: 12 top contenderscyclingnews
Roubaix favorites steer clear of disc brakesvelonews
Forecast for Roubaix? Speed, crashes and chaosvelonews
Official Startlist w/ bib
Sagan's judgement day arrives at Paris-Roubaixvelonews
Peter Sagan saving his answers for Paris-Roubaixcyclingnews
Van Avermaet: Quick-Step have three cards for Paris-Roubaix, I have onecyclingnews

April 5 update:
Roubaix favorite Sagan braces for wet, muddy racevelonews
Frustrated Van Avermaet hoping for Roubaix repeat to save classics campaignvelonews
Quick-Step Floors announce their usual phenomenally strong Paris-Roubaix teamcyclingweekly
Stybar: Other teams must focus on themselves, not Quick-Step Floorscyclingnews
Quick-Step shows no sympathy for Saganvelonews
Tom Boonen: Peter Sagan needs to 'keep his mouth shut' over lack of cooperation from rivalscyclingnews
Van Avermaet ready to defend Paris-Roubaix titlecyclingnews
Terpstra puts rivals on notice: 'Roubaix suits me best'velonews
Terpstra: Paris-Roubaix is a nasty race and that's why I love itcyclingnews

April 4 update:
Roubaix'18: The PEZ Hell Of The North Preview!pezcyclingnews

April 3 update:
No Paris-Roubaix for Tiesj Benootcyclingnews
A guide to the 29 cobblestone sectorsvelonews

April 2 update:
A country for old men: John Degenkolb on
Who are The Friends of Paris-Roubaix? -
Where Paris-Roubaix 2018 will be decided, part 1: The Arenberg
Where Paris-Roubaix 2018 will be decided, part 2: Mons-en-Pévè
Where Paris-Roubaix 2018 will be decided, part 3: Carrefour de l’
Where Paris-Roubaix 2018 will be decided, part 4: Roubaix

Video highlights/archived coverage from previous years
Race History with Past Winnerswikipedia
Big Photos from 2016sirotti/aso
Big Photos from 2015sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2014sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2013sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2012sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2011sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2010sirotti/reuters
Big Photos from 2009sirotti
Big Photos from 2008sirotti

Live Video Streaming and TV Coverage

April 2 update: A work in progress for 2018 Paris-Roubaix live and delayed coverage. Most live feeds will be country restricted, but unrestricted links will appear in bold. Check back at race time for more links. Feel free to send in additional sources for live video, tv coverage or text updates/tickers as they become known. — Steve

media source tv or internet comments/restrictions
eurosport    live videom (english)
   live videom (english)
   live videom (english)
   live videom (english)
  tv schedule (british)
  tv schedule (int'l/cet)
English/Europe; live at 10:15 CET with the pre-race show followed by the entire race live
   live video (french)
   live videom (french)
   live videom (french)
  tv schedule
France3 TV live coverage starting 12:55 CET
   live video ($ english)
United States; Live online streaming (start to finish) with a subscription to NBC Sports Gold and delayed tv evening broadcast on tv
   live video (english)
  tv schedule
Australia: live streaming starts at 7:00pm AEST and on SBS Viceland at 9:30pm AEST
   live video (dutch)
   live video (dutch)
   live videom (dutch)
   live videom (dutch)
  tv schedule
Belgium/Europe; Dutch ticker for Parijs-Roubaix starts at the start and restricted live video starts 13:30 CET.
   live video (czech)
  tv schedule
Czech TV;
   live video (slovakian)
  tv schedule
   live video (spanish)
  tv schedule
Spanish; Teledeporte live at 14:00 CET
rtbf    live video (french)
french; live at 12:00 CET on RTBF
   live video (italian)
   live video (italian)
   live videom (italian)
  tv schedule
Italian; Ciclismo Classiche del Nord Parigi Roubaix starts on RAI Sport 1 at 11:30; switches to RAI 3 at 15:00; and then back to RAI Sport 1 for the post race show
   live video (italian)
  tv schedule
Italian; Ciclismo Classiche del Nord Parigi Roubaix starts on RAI Sport 1 at 11:30; switches to RAI 3 at 15:00; and then back to RAI Sport 1 for the post race show
NOS   live video (dutch)
  tv schedule
Netherlands; Dutch; NOS online starts 10:40 CET and tv starts 13:10 CET.
   live video (french)
  tv schedule
RDS (Canada/French) will be broadcasting Paris-Roubaix starting at 7am EST. Sébastien Boucher and François Parisien will be describing the action
   live video (luxembourgish)
   live video (luxemburgish)
  tv schedule
sf zwei    live video (german)
   live video (german)
  tv schedule
Switzerland's SF Zwei live coverage at 13:30 CET with german commentary

   live video (english)
  tv schedule
New Zealand;
   live video (welsh)
  tv schedule
official live ticker Live ticker from the official source.
 live text updates live text updates in English
 live ticker (dutch)
 live ticker (auto-english)
Belgium/Flemish ticker with updates from the start; The auto-translated English version will need manual refreshing
 steephill text updates
updates for previews, live video, results, photos and highlights
check back at race time for more and updated links; email send a comment or a new live link

2018 Paris-Roubaix Route Map

Large Course Mapaso

April 3 update: Following Christian Prudhomme and Thierry Gouvenou's reconnaissance of the course on 3 April, the organisers have rated the difficulty of the 29 cobbled sectors in the race based on their length, the unevenness of the cobbles, the overall condition of the sectors and their location. The return of the Saint-Python sector to the course is the major change to the race for this year, with several other cobbled sectors in the first part of the race also modified. Shortly after Saint-Python, the peloton will tackle the 1,500 m Saint-Vaast sector for the very first time. Although the total length of the cobbled sectors is 500 m less than in 2017, the decisive part of the race is a carbon copy of last year's. La Trouée d'Arenberg (km 162), Mons-en-Pévèle (km 208.5) and the Carrefour de l'Arbre (km 240) remain the only sectors with a five-star rating.

The 29 cobbled sectors of Paris–Roubaix:
29 : Troisvilles (km 93,5 - 2,2 km) ***
28 : Briastre (km 100 - 3 km) ***
27 : Saint-Python (km 109 - 1,5 km) ***
26 : Quiévy (km 111,5 - 3,7 km) ****
25 : Saint-Vaast (km 119 - 1,5 km) ***
24 : Verchain-Maugré (km 130 - 1,2 km) **
23 : Quérénaing (km 134,5 - 1,6 km) ***
22 : Maing (km 137,5 - 2,5 km) ***
21 : Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 140,5 - 1,6 km) ***
20 : Haveluy (km 153,5 - 2,5 km) ****
19 : Trouée d'Arenberg (km 162 - 2,4 km) *****
18 : Hélesmes (km 168 - 1,6 km) ***
17 : Wandignies (km 174,5 - 3,7 km) ****
16 : Brillon (km 182 - 2,4 km) ***
15 : Sars-et-Rosières (km 185,5 - 2,4 km) ****
14 : Beuvry-la-forêt (km 189 - 1,4 km) ***
13 : Orchies (km 197 - 1,7 km) ***
12 : Bersée (km 203 - 2,7 km) ****
11 : Mons-en-Pévèle (km 208,5 - 3 km) *****
10 : Avelin (km 214,5 - 0,7 km) **
9 : Ennevelin (km 218 - 1,4 km) ***
8 : Templeuve - L'Epinette (km 223,5 - 0,2 km) *
8 : Templeuve - Moulin-de-Vertain (km 224 - 0,5 km) **
7 : Cysoing (km 230,5 - 1,3 km) ***
6 : Bourghelles (km 233 - 1,1 km) ***
5 : Camphin-en-Pévèle (km 237,5 - 1,8 km) ****
4 : Carrefour de l'Arbre (km 240 - 2,1 km) *****
3 : Gruson (km 242,5 - 1,1 km) **
2 : Hem (km 249 - 1,4 km) ***
1 : Roubaix (km 256 - 0,3 km) *

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