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This is the 4th year of the Abu Dhabi Tour and like last year many big names are making their way to this late season desert stage race. 2018 info posted below.

Big Photos from 2017 (all stages) — rcs
Big Photos from 2016 (all stages) — rcs
Big Photos from 2015 (all stages) — rcs

2018 Abu Dhabi Tour Teams
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News and Updates for Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

February 17 update: preview coming... — Steve
See the race summary table (right) for the Stage 1 profile, map and timetable.

2018 Abu Dhabi Tour Preview

February 16 update:
2018 Abu Dhabi Tour previewcyclingnews

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February 14 update:
Provisional Startlist w/ bib

January 23 update:
Abu Dhabi Tour 2018 includes ITT, attracts big starsvelonews

Video highlights/archived coverage from previous years
Race History with Past Winnerswikipedia

Live Video Streaming and TV Coverage

February 26 update: A work in progress for 2018 Abu Dhabi Tour live and delayed coverage. Most live feeds will be country restricted, but unrestricted links will appear in bold. Check back at race time for more links. Feel free to send in additional sources for live video, tv coverage or text updates/tickers as they become known. — Steve

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2018 Abu Dhabi Tour Route Map

Stage maps are posted in the
race summary table .

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