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USADA Case Against Lance Armstrong, Confessions, Analysis and the Fall Out

This page provides background links and analysis for the USADA case against Lance Armstrong with daily updates. If you see something good that I've missed then please send it in. — Steve

August 25 update:
Lance Armstrong settles with Sunday Timestheguardian

June 22 update:
Jan Ullrich again admits to doping with Fuentes; angry Armstrong was protectedvelonation
Jan Ullrich finally admits to using ‘treatment,’ says it was to level playing fieldvelonews

June 15 update:
McQuaid defeated in Cycling Ireland EGM about nomination for UCI presidencyvelonation

June 13 update:
Uncertainty and lingering questions mean a new UCI president is neededstickybottle
Could Pat McQuaid face a vote of no confidence at UCI Management Committee?cyclingnews

June 12 update:
Ullrich: Lance Armstrong case severely damaged cyclingcyclingnews
Ullrich: Armstrong ‘made too many enemies’afp/velonews

June 11 update:
Bruyneel: ‘I’m not a demon’velonews

June 5 update:
UCI to pass on Armstrong information to USADA, WADAcyclingnews

May 29 update:
Nike to Cut Ties With Livestrongnytimes

May 28 update:
Nike cuts ties to Livestrongstatesman

May 27 update:
For Lance Armstrong, sorry has been the hardest wordusatoday
E-mails show Lance Armstrong hard to pin down on apologyusatoday

May 24 update:
Travis Tygart understands the pressure that is brought to bear upon those investigating our sporting

May 23 update:
Expert panel to study UCI-Armstrong 'collusion'usatoday

May 7 update:
Lance Armstrong's Body Language Decoded (20:10 English)scottrouse

May 3 update:
Paul Kimmage in a ‘black hole’ as questions raised about missing defence fund

May 2 update:
Spanish courts launch criminal investigation into doping in
Questions over funds dog Kimmage-backing Twitter personalityvelonews
Former Tour director calls Armstrong the “Bernie Madoff of sport”velonews

April 30 update:
Puerto case closes with Fuentes convictionap/

April 26 update:
Cycling Ireland reverses course, calls upon its members to decide upon McQuaid nominationvelonews
McQuaid responds to Cycling Ireland board decision to put its nomination of him to an EGMvelonation
UCI critical of USADA after Tygart alleges it protected Armstrongvelonation

April 25 update:
UCI failed to act after Armstrong scandal: USADA bossreuters
USADA chief says Lance Armstrong has evidence against UCIap/espn.go

April 24 update:
Lance Armstrong's former wife may have to testify against
LeMond, USADA attorney paint picture of a broken systemvelonews

April 23 update:
Justice Department: Lance Armstrong was 'unjustly enriched' - U.S. Newsnbcnews
Armstrong 'Unjustly Enriched' Self, Justice Department Says : The Two-Way :

April 11 update:
Lance Armstrong sells estate in Austin, Texasespn.go

April 9 update:
Greg LeMond and others Lance Armstrong attacked during doping denials to hold symposiumnydailynews

April 8 update:
Lance Armstrong asks court to dismiss promotions company's bonus
Lance Armstrong team-mate Steffen Kjaersgaard avoids sanctions despite admitting to doping at US Postal

April 4 update:
Lance Armstrong Stopped From Competing in Masters Swimming Eventnytimes

March 27 update:
Ullrich admits to 'role' in cycling's pastafp/
Spain’s sudden interest in Lance Armstrong’s doping history is laughable given nation’s soft stance on subjectnydailynews

March 26 update:
Armstrong said to be facing investigation from Spanish authoritiesvelonation

March 21 update:
French minister testifies that Verbruggen pressured her about easing up on dopingvelonews

March 19 update:
Report: RadioShack to end team sponsorshipcyclingnews
RadioShack to End Cycling Sponsorshipbicycling
On being back: Christian Vande Velde Q&Aespn.go

March 14 update:
Lance Armstrong to race himself to a cinema near you as Warner Bros snaps up Tyler Hamilton

March 13 update:
Lance Armstrong: I'm like Bill Clinton and people will forgive

March 12 update:
McQuaid claims Armstrong issue ‘is a thing of ten to fifteen years back’velonation
Armstrong Gear Goes on Closeout After Doping Confession (Jan 28) — bloomberg

March 11 update:
10 Questions for Doug Ulman [Livestrong President] (5:56 English)time

March 6 update:
Michael Boogerd is seventh Rabobank rider to admit to

March 5 update:
Sports Illustrated Lands New Armstrong Interviewmediadecoder.blogs.nytimes

March 4 update:
Livestrong Foundation having a “difficult year”cyclingnews

March 3 update:
Livestrong Tries to Move Beyond Armstrong Doping Scandalphilanthropy

March 1 update:
Legal battles begin to pile up for Armstrongafp/

February 28 update:
Cycling’s Road Forward: Can Joe Dombrowski Ride Out Of Lance Armstrong’s Shadow?washingtonpost
Floyd Landis on doping in cycling: debate at Yale law school – live
Yale panel describes dismantling cycling's doping culturecyclingnews

February 27 update:
Longtime sponsor Thomas Weisel denied knowledge of Lance Armstrong dopingbizjournals
Analysis: Why the feds may have passed on USPS money man Weisel, othersvelonews

February 25 update:
Lance Armstrong to challenge USPS about what it knewusatoday

February 22 update:
U.S. to Join Suit Against Armstrongonline.wsj
Lance Armstrong to face lawsuit from US Government and Floyd Landis for doping while on US Postal
US Dept of Justice officially confirms action against Armstrong and others, USADA applauds movevelonation
Will Thomas Weisel, Who Owns Lance Armstrong's U.S. Postal Team, Get Charged with Fraud? (Jan 15) — businessweek
Justice Department Will Join Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrongnytimes

February 21 update:
Former Armstrong teammate Ekimov: ‘No comment’ on doping scandalvelonews
Boogerd must come clean before further Dutch tv appearancescyclingnews
Sources: Feds unlikely to join Landis’ whistleblower suitvelonews
Fighting Armstrong Aloneroopstigo
Drug Makers Join Fight Against Dopingnytimes
Rihs on Hamilton: ‘I do not believe him’velonews

February 20 update:
Armstrong declines to cooperate with USADAcyclingnews
USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart’s Response to Lance Armstrong’s
Armstrong declines to cooperate with USADA, lawyer states he would speak to Truth and Reconciliation processvelonation
Feds may decide on Armstrong case this weekusatoday

February 19 update:
Gerard Vroomen Interview: Inexplicable why the UCI didn’t target Armstrong over bio passportvelonation
Pat McQuaid has no intention of stepping down as president of
Hamilton testifies that Sevilla, Phonak director, others accompanied him for transfusionsvelonews
Armstrong Hired Lobbyist to Raise Concerns About Investigatoronline.wsj
Puerto: Hamilton confirms Riis put him in contact with Fuentesvelonews

February 18 update:
The Man Who Fell to Earthtexasmonthly

February 14 update:
UCI vs. Ashenden «
Analysis: Cipollini’s 2002 ‘retirement’ may tie in with alleged doping programmevelonation
Lance Armstrong cover-up denied by UCI honorary president Hein Verbruggen in personal appeal to IOC
Lance Armstrong was my mentor. I'm still in shock, says Team Sky's Ian
Wada 'heartened' by way the trial of Spanish doping doctor is being

February 13 update:
Exclusive: Q&A With WADA President John Faheycyclingnews
Ashenden: “The experts were only allowed to see the first nine of Armstrong’s 38 blood results”velonation
Ashenden: McQuaid misleading public over Armstrong’s biological passportvelonews
Rogge says IOC has confidence in McQuaidvelonews
Lance Armstrong cover-up denied by UCI honorary president Hein Verbruggen in personal appeal to IOC
Armstrong biopassport coverupcyclismas

February 12 update:
Fahey: Armstrong’s Lifetime Ban Could Be Reduced If He Cooperates With USADAcyclingnews
Riis Stays Reticent On Operacion Puertocyclingnews
Ashenden releases Armstrong's bio passport code, he and UCI at loggerheads over Texan's test resultsvelonation
Gazzetta dello Sport takes aim at Ivan Basso as it publishes doping 'evidence'
Lance Armstrong scandal: UCI warned it can play no part in setting up truth and reconciliation
Open Letter: McQuaid outlines UCI stakeholder processvelonews
UCI To Invite Fans To Stakeholder Exercisecyclingnews
WADA chief says cycling has 'crisis of confidence'
Armstrong’s blood profile was never submitted to bio passport experts after May 2009velonation
UCI: Armstrong profile not flagged as abnormal between 2008 and 2010velonews

February 11 update:
UCI Releases Armstrong Data In Attempt To Refute Ashenden's Doping Claimscyclingnews
Eufemiano Fuentes offered blood transfusions for 4,000 euros, Jorge Jaksche tells court in Spanish drug
Jaksche Provides Damning Testimony Against Fuentes And Saizcyclingnews
Contador to testify in Puerto trial on February 22velonews
Italian anti-doping authority opens investigation into Mario
CONI opens Cipollini investigation after Gazzetta reportvelonews
Source: UCI citing incomplete information to discredit Ashendenvelonews
Papal bull not enough for shamed Santa Maria Cipo (satire) — cyclismas
No doping evidence against Armstrong in 2009?cyclismas Report: Basso Agreed To Pay Fuentes $94,000 For Dopingcyclingnews

February 10 update:
Armstrong Probably Clean In Comeback, Damsgaard Claimscyclingnews
Report: Cipollini Used 25 Blood Bags Before 2003 Giro D'Italiacyclingnews
Hamilton calls on Bruyneel and Riis to own up to

February 9 update:
La Gazzetta dello Sport accuses Mario Cipollini of working with Eufemiano Fuentesvelonews
[Vaughters] Opinion: It's Not All About Lance Armstrong, And Here's How We Can Fight Dopingcyclingnews
Vaughters-3 «
Cipollini Denies Fresh Links To Fuentescyclingnews

February 8 update:
ASO Wants AFLD To Run Testing At Paris-Nice And Beyondcyclingnews
Exclusive interview with UCI president Pat McQuaid, part 2velonews
Ashenden: ‘I don’t see how McQuaid could become any more compromised’velonews
Lance Armstrong, match-fixing and Operation Puerto are turning the courtroom into a sporting
Cancellara denies Fuentes tiesvelonews
Prudhomme Wants More Revelations From Puerto Trialcyclingnews

February 7 update:
Cancellara Downplays Role In Bruyneel Departurecyclingnews
Last minute Armstrong contact to USADA means rider might agree to giving crucial evidencevelonation
Exclusive interview with UCI president Pat McQuaid, part 1velonews
Lance Armstrong Considers Giving Details to Doping Officialsnytimes
Wiggins: Armstrong confession can help clean up the sportvelonews
Lance Armstrong Being Sued For $12m By SCA
Lance Armstrong sued over $12 million in Tour de France prize moneyreuters
Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o among America’s most disliked athletes, joining Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez on listnydailynews
U.S. Federal Agents Investigating New Armstrong Chargesbicycling
MPCC To Sue Lance Armstrong?cyclingnews
The accountability question by Kate
SCA vs. Armstrongreader.roopstigo

February 6 update:
Report: Armstrong under federal investigation for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidationvelonation
ABC News: Feds investigating Armstrong for obstruction and witness tamperingvelonews
Should Lance Armstrong be banned from Strava?
Feds confirm no active investigation of Floyd Landisvelonews
Armstrong gets extra time to be 'part of the solution'usatoday
Wanted: Your Lance Armstrong books, so they can be turned into art on
Investigation: Australian sport riddled with drugs (04:25) —

February 5 update:
Ashenden stands over biological passport comments, says gap in testing damages programmevelonation
UCI insists financial constraints and 2010/2011 testing reduction didn’t compromise biological passportvelonation
Birotte: Armstrong view unchanged after admissionvelonews
United States Attorney Birotte says there are currently no plans to bring criminal charges against Armstrongvelonation
Lance Armstrong will fail to meet US Anti-Doping Agency's
Lance and the Truth w/ the Andreus - Four Corners (24:40) —

February 4 update:
UCI declares itself ‘entirely satisfied’ with 2010 biological-passport testingvelonews
Armstrong Unlikely To Repay Tour De France Bonus Moneycyclingnews
Should buyers of Lance Armstrong's books get a refund?

February 3 update:
The Explainer: This time I’m serious [about Dick Pound]redkiteprayer
Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: Lance Armstrong and Why We Read Memoirsnewyorker

February 1 update:
Exclusive: McQuaid appeals to IOC members to help him in fight with
Operacion Puerto judge restricting case to health issuevelonews

January 31 update:
Rasmussen admits doping, cooperates with Danish authorityvelonews
Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes told he does not have reveal athletes he treated in doping
Ashenden Quits The Change Cycling Now Groupcyclingnews
Michael Rasmussen Confesses To 12 Years Of Dopingcyclingnews
UCI regulation blocking dopers from team positions won’t apply to Rasmussenvelonation
Fuller "disappointed" as doping expert Ashenden quits Change Cycling Now over Lance Armstrong
Ashenden speaks about decision to walk away from Change Cycling Now after approach to Armstrongvelonation
McQuaid attempts to rally IOC member

January 30 update:
Lance Armstrong Exclusive Interviewcyclingnews
Lance Armstrong attacks 'pathetic' International Cycling Union president Pat
Spanish 'doping doctor' Eufemiano Fuentes offers to list all the athletes he treated - but judge stops
Former Armstrong doctor Van Eslande also worked as doping control inspectorvelonation
Armstrong: Amnesty the only way to save cyclingvelonews
Lance Armstrong says he is 'fall guy' for cycling's
Ashenden: UCI cut back on biological passport testing in 2010velonews

January 29 update:
UCI disbands panel looking into Lance Armstrong linksap
Tygart says UCI ‘blindfolded and handcuffed’ the Independent Commissionvelonation
UCI To Disband Independent Commissioncyclingnews
UCI's complicated new Truth and Reconciliation Committee may turn out to be a costly
UCI decision to shut down independent commission branded 'a disgrace'
UCI Independent Commission stands down, says UCI and others didn’t co-operatevelonation
Spanish prosecutors will not pursue charges against Del Moral, Martívelonews
Comment: The UCI and the phantom
Wada 'dismayed' by UCI's handling of Lance Armstrong

January 28 update:
Lance Armstrong and his book publisher Penguin being sued because memoirs are 'not non-fiction'
How Aggressive Narcissism Explains Lance Armstrongtheatlantic
LeMond: Any Armstrong apology has to be heartfelt and with true remorsevelonation
A second chance for Greg LeMondbicycling
Tygart Believes U.S. Justice Department Should Join Fraud Casebicycling

January 27 update:
Phil Liggett says Lance Armstrong's accusers were motivated by
Tom English: Fuentes doping case silent on footballscotsman
Wada calls for all names linked to Operation Puerto to be
Lance Armstrong given deadline by United States Anti-Doping Agency to come
Travis Tygart comes face to face with Lance Armstrong (1:16) — cbsnews
Lance Armstrong's iron fist (00:56) — cbsnews
Is Lance Armstrong still lying?cbsnews
Did 60 Minutes help create the myth of Lance? (06:38) — cbsnews

January 26 update:
Cycling Agrees to Amnesty for Doping Confessionsap/abcnews
UCI Independent Commission hearing
USADA sets deadline for Armstrong's full cooperationreuters
UCI Independent Commission Rejects UCI Call To Suspend Inquiriescyclingnews
McQuaid: UCI In Talks With WADA Over Truth And Reconciliation Commissioncyclingnews
International Cycling Union Independent Commission suspended after receiving no documents from
Lance Armstrong lied to Oprah, says doping
Lance Armstrong 'will co-operate' with cycling's anti-doping
Team Blanco Investigate Luis Leon Sanchez's Links To Operacion Puertocyclingnews
Most Americans want 'drug-cheat' Armstrong to be prosecuted:
Cycling world in a spin over drug amnesty

January 25 update:
Tygart tells ’60 Minutes’ Armstrong liedvelonews
David Brailsford on Geert Leinders, and why telling the truth is only part of the
Dope rife in other sports, says cycling legend Bernard
Bradley Wiggins and Lance Armstrong were 'best friends' during 2009 Tour de France, says Jonathan

January 24 update:
French icon [Bernard Hinault] dismisses Armstrong
Bradley Wiggins: No sympathy for Lance
Wiggins angry over damage Armstrong has done to cyclingcyclingnews
Ferrari: Armstrong could have reached the same level without dopingcyclingnews
Andrew Messick, former Tour of California, talks Armstrongfirstoffthebike
Bradley Wiggins angered and saddened by fallen idol Lance
Readers sue Lance Armstrong for book refund after doping admissioncnn

January 23 update:
How UK libel laws undermined Sunday Times in Lance Armstrong article
Antidoping Agencies Wait as Lance Armstrong Decides Next Movenytimes
So Long, Lance. Here Comes 21st-Century Dopingnytimes
Cyclist told team-mate his cancer was a 'card to play' if he became doping
An Open Letter to Lance Armstrongredkiteprayer
Jan Ullrich Criticized for Staying Silent on Dopingbicycling
UCI chief McQuaid steps down from IOC commissionreuters

January 22 update:
Polls say Armstrong’s Oprah appearance backfired for former provelonation
WADA frustrated with Operacion Puerto trial’s focus on cycling onlyvelonation
Verbruggen states that Armstrong and other top riders were warned about blood valuesvelonation
Oprah's Lance Armstrong interview seen by 28 million worldwidelatimes
Tour de-Lusion: Lance Armstrong's website still peddling mythfoxnews
Sheryl Crow 'Felt Bad' for Lance Armstrong After Doping Confessionpeople
Sheryl Crow [briefly] discusses Lance Armstrong's doping admission (00:30) — latimes
Lance Armstrong's Best Shot at Redemption? — huffingtonpost
Should the UCI have Disqualified Armstrong in 1999?inrng

January 21 update:
Doping questions remain of Armstrong coach Chris Carmichaelgazette
No sympathy for Armstrong on social mediareuters
Sydney library moves Armstrong books to
Kathy LeMond: Lance Armstrong embarrassed, not sorrysportsillustrated.cnn
Report: Belgian Federation To Investigate Dr. Leinderscyclingnews
Anne Gripper Describes Armstrong As A Pathological Liarcyclingnews
Aus. State, tour 'backed a loser'

January 20 update:
A convincing 39 seconds, then back to the old Lance
Lance Armstrong's TV confession revealed as simply first step in a cynical comeback
Lance Armstrong may be sued by Emma O’Reilly, the former masseur and assistant on the US Postal
Armstrong reactions: Triathletes and Gripper don’t want his return, Hammond speaksvelonation

January 19 update:
Armstrong: I want to compete againvelonews
McEwen: Everybody Wanted To Believe The Fairytalecyclingnews
Armstrong: USADA Report Fallout Cost $75 million In Future Incomecyclingnews
Lance Armstrong faces Oprah Winfrey: as it happened... Part
Lance Armstrong on Family, Livestrong, and Sponsorsbicycling
Oprah's Armstrong Interview, Part 2 Summarybicycling
Andy Schleck: ‘I believe Lance was clean on comeback’velonews
Armstrong: ‘I want to compete again’; 'doesn't deserve the death penalty'velonews
Cycling, facing an uphill climb, hopes next hero just around bendcnn
'Do I want to compete again ... hell yes,' says Lance Armstrong - clips from part 2cnn
Pressures Of "American Dream" Weighed On Armstrong, Claims Savoldellicyclingnews
USADA Stands By Armstrong Donation Claimcyclingnews
Emma O'Reilly willing to meet Lance Armstrong after having her story
Claims that ex-wife Kristin asked him not to dope on comeback refuted by Betsy
Lance Armstrong pleads against 'death penalty' to be allowed to compete
Zip the lips: After hours of TV, too many Armstrong questions remainvelonews
Lance Armstrong dismissed as 'delusional' by Betsy
A loss for Lance, a win for Oprahcnn
Lance Armstrong tearful in second Oprah interview (01:20) —
Frankie Andreu Reacts to Armstrong’s Doping Admissionbicycling
Michele Ferrari comes off virtually unscathed in Lance Armstrong’s ‘confession’velonews
Armstrong/Oprah Transcript and Analysis Day II - I had to tell the truth for my childrenvelonation
Mark Cavendish: “Why are we carrying the can for Lance and his inner circle?”velonation
Bruyneel Ready To Cooperate With Belgian Investigatorscyclingnews
Lance's Absence of Empathy: Losing His Feelroopstigo
Lance Armstrong's victims unmoved by television doping
Andy Schleck says Lance Armstrong clean after 2009usatoday
Social Justice: Twitter's most passionate anti-doping voices react to Lance Armstrong's Oprah interviewbicycling
Rights purchased for planned ‘Cycle of Lies’ film about Armstrongvelonation

Part2: Oprah Winfrey interviews Lance Armstrong TODAY at 9:00 ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, from Austin, Texas. In addition, the interview will be simultaneously streamed worldwide on
January 18 update:
Lance Armstrong interview: what we
USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart statement regarding Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong Confesses To EPO And Blood Dopingcyclingnews
Lance Armstrong confesses to doping in interview with Oprah Winfreyvelonews
Ashenden: Understanding USADA’s Armstrong chargesvelonews
Blood tests indicate doping, expert sayssfgate
Lance Armstrong interview in quotes/sound bites (01:41) —
GreenEDGE riders, Gerrans, O'Grady and McEwen on Armstrong (09:31) — Cycling Central
Lance Armstrong Admits Doping, Bullying to Oprahbicycling
Armstrong tells Winfrey about Emma O’Reilly (01:50) — velonews
Interview/reaction clips: 'Deeply flawed' Lance Armstrong admits using performance enhancing drugscnn
Lance Armstrong: how to play the confessor without actually
Betsy Andreu furious at Lance Armstrong (04:01) — cnn
Recapping Lance Armstrong's Doping Admissions to Oprahbicycling
Lance Armstrong Begins His Endwsj
Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey about doping his typical spectaclebonnieford/espn
LeMond not satisfied with Armstrong’s admissioncyclingnews
Armstrong admits doping to seven Tour wins, claims 2009 return was cleanvelonation
Pat McQuaid: “Lance Armstrong has confirmed there was no collusion or conspiracy”velonation
Full interview transcript, Part 1: Oprah and Lance
Lance Armstrong's confession – in
Betsy Andreu Furious And Close To Tears After Armstrong Interviewcyclingnews
Lance Armstrong doping admission angers Tour Down Under
questions after oprahinrng
WADA chief slams Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong case handling was 'useless', says Wada's John
Athletes, former Armstrong associates, and sporting officials share their thoughts on part one of Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfreybicycling
US Cycling Fans Unimpressed With Armstrong's Confessioncyclingnews
WADA on Armstrong: Confession “makes no difference” to life ban without the full truthvelonation
Kimmage Frustrated By Armstrong Interviewcyclingnews
Andreu Q&A: Armstrong took a big step after spiraling out of controlvelonews
Merckx ‘extremely disappointed’ in Armstrongvelonews
Italian insiders disappointed by Armstrong’s doping confessionvelonews
Voigt: Armstrong Has Been Punished Enoughcyclingnews
Hamilton says he saw remorse from Armstrongvelonews
Travis Tygart calls Armstrong confession as “a small step in the right direction”velonation
Tour boss joins chorus calling for more information from Armstrongvelonews
Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey analysed by body language
Sorry not enough for former assistant Emma O'
Lance Armstrong's cold contempt for cycling remains; He is beyond
'Yes, I used doping to win the Tour de France. Yes, I used cortisone. Yes, I started doping sometime in the ’90s.' But that was where the truth ended. thegaviafiles
Is Lance Armstrong the world’s biggest liar?washingtonpost
How Lance Armstrong's dwindling band of backers reacted to his doping
Dirty Words: This is a Lance-Free Zonesalruibal/pavedmag
Former Armstrong Teammate Vaughters Visits CBS THIS MORNING (03:35) — tv.broadwayworld
Brennan: If possible, Armstrong less likable after Oprahusatoday

January 17 update:
New Twist in Armstrong Sagawsj
Local cycling legends shun Armstrong, Danielson for roles in doping scandaldurangoherald
Longtime sponsor Thomas Weisel denied knowledge of Lance Armstrong dopingbizjournals
Would Lance Believe Lance?wsj
Former cycling chief Hein Verbruggen 'doesn't understand the whole fuss'
Panel could quit over UCI's refusal to allow commission to offer cyclists
Some around Lance Armstrong view TV confession with skepticismlatimes
Inside the secret whistleblower case against Lance Armstrong — former teammate Floyd Landis' lawsuit nails cycling cheatnydailynews
For those that paid the price, an Armstrong apology will never be enoughvelonews
Cycling commentator Phil Liggett accepts Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong's star yet to fade in adopted city of
What Lance Armstrong Didnewyorker
USA Cycling Denies Weisel Influenced Anti-doping Policiescyclingnews
Details Of Landis' Federal Whistleblower Suit Revealedcyclingnews
Armstrong Stripped Of Bronze Medal From Sydney Olympicscyclingnews
Verbruggen Had Account With Armstrong Backer, Says Ochowiczcyclingnews
Landis suit accuses USA Cycling of doping cover-upsvelonews
WADA Tells Armstrong to Confess Under Oathbicycling
Can Armstrong Restore His Image?cyclingnews
Lance Armstrong's star yet to fade in adopted city of

January 16 update:
Government rejects Armstrong's $5M restitution offercbsnews
Who gains more, Lance Armstrong or Oprah Winfrey?freep
Lance Armstrong confronts doping charges in interviewreuters
The Small, Petty, Fraudulent Vendettas of Lance Armstrongtheatlantic
Lance Armstrong's doping admission: Questions Oprah should have askedDan Wetzel/
Lance Armstrong the whistleblower: the irony will be lost on no
Lance Armstrong apologized to Sally Jenkinswashingtonpost
Lance Armstrong's Interview with Oprah - The Colbert Reportcolbertnation
A discussion about Lance Armstrong's doping confession with David Epstein of Sports Illustrated; Juliet Macur of The New York Times; Daniel Coyle, co-author of "The Secret Race" and Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post (33:37) — charlierose
Armstrong to AP: 'People can decide' the truthapnews
Selena Roberts Says Lance Armstrong's Admission of Doping Will Still Be 'A Manipulation Of The Public' And Is Not Even 'Half Of The Story'forbes

January 15 update:
Lance Armstrong Admits Doping, and Says He Will Testify Against Cycling Officialsnytimes
A decade of denials for Armstrongvelonews
The Banker Who Put His Faith in Armstrongnytimes
Analysis: What USADA’s case file means to those involvedvelonews
SA government seeks Lance Armstrong money from Tour Down
Vaughters Calls On Armstrong To Speak To WADAcyclingnews
Oprah says Lance Armstrong didn't come clean 'in the manner I expected'sportingnews
A Story Quashed: One small example of Lance Armstrong’s reachredkiteprayer
Armstrong seeks reconciliation with former teammate Landisusatoday
Can Lance Armstrong Be Forgiven?joelindsey/bicycling
Cycling 'could be dropped' from Olympics with Armstrong admissionuk.eurosport
Anti-Doping Agencies Refuse To Join UCI Independent Commissioncyclingnews
Pound Says IOC May Drop Cycling From Olympics On Armstrong Confessioncyclingnews
Bradley Wiggins: Armstrong admission would ‘write off’ Nineties as lost decadevelonews

January 14 update:
Lance Armstrong apologizes to staffap/espn
The Word: Testing the Waters for a Late Confessionespn.go
Lance Armstong says sorry during emotional meeting with Livestrong
Armstrong’s Business Brand, Bound Tight With His Charitynytimes
In Response to the New York
Nicole Cooke's Full Retirement Statementnicolecooke
And the winners at media manipulation are: Jodie Foster and Lance
Prepping for Oprahselena roberts/roopstigo
Report: Armstrong Confesses To Doping During Winfrey Interviewcyclingnews
Behind Lance Armstrong's Decision to Talkonline.wsj
Justice Department Takes Aim at Lance Armstrongonline.wsj

January 12 update:
Lance Armstrong 'will admit to being a drug cheat' in Oprah Winfrey interview... but 'unlikely to go into details' -
10 Questions Walsh Would Ask Lance Armstrongcyclingnews
Walsh on LeMond: Enduring the vengeance of Armstrongvelonews

January 11 update:
Swiss lab denies it helped Armstrong beat EPO testafp/velonews
Saugy Denies Telling Armstrong How To Avoid EPO Positivecyclingnews
Fuglsang Slams Bruyneel's Management Stylecyclingnews
Source: Lance Armstrong plans to admit doping to Oprahusatoday
Who Cares if Lance Armstrong Confesses?theatlantic
British bookmaker offers odds on which words Lance Armstrong will use with Oprah Winfreyusatoday

January 10 update:
Oprah's Lance Armstrong Interview Could Backfirejoelindsey/bicycling
Armstrong allegedly offered large "donation" to doping agency (03:07)— cbsnews
Walsh on Bruyneel: ‘I look forward to him not being involved in cycling’globalcyclingnetwork
Analysis: The legal twilight of an Armstrong confessionvelonews
Lausanne Laboratory Gave Armstrong Key To Beating EPO Test, Says Tygartcyclingnews

January 9 update:
Oprah, America's mother confessor, is the safe choice for Lance
Source: Armstrong discussed admission of guilt with USADA in Decemberusatoday
Lance Armstrong interview: 10 questions Oprah Winfrey should
Lefevere: I Have No Regrets Sacking Leipheimercyclingnews
[David] Millar leery of ‘stage-managed’ Armstrong interview with Winfreyvelonews
Redux:Lance Armstrong Wants To Tell Nation Something But Nation Has To Promise Not To Get Mad (August 2010) — theonion
Vanity Fair handicaps OprahStrongvanityfair

January 8 update:
Armstrong Set For Tell-all Interview With Oprah Winfreycyclingnews
Lance Armstrong on Oprah's Next Chapteroprah
60 Minutes: Armstrong tried to give $250,000 donation to USADA in 2004velonation
Armstrong still the Tour champion — or so he says on social mediavelonews
For Armstrong, a confession no guarantee of returnusatoday
New York Times's Juliet Macur speaking to Off the Ball about Armstrong's desire to come clean (10:50) —

January 7 update:
Bernstein: A Letter From Lance Armstrongchicago.cbslocal
Cookson says an Armstrong admission would be meaningless without truthful detailsvelonation
UCI confirms McQuaid ends WADA’s Foundation Board term earlyvelonation

January 5 update:
Lance Armstrong: is he really ready to confess to doping?
What Would an Armstrong Confession Mean?bicycling
Lance Armstrong's Lawyer Denies Confession Rumorsnpr/ap
The Explainer: Broken promises, a potential confession and cheap adviceredkiteprayer

January 4 update:
Lance Armstrong Said to Weigh Admission of Dopingnytimes
Hoberman Q&A: Outlining corruption, doping collusion at the IOC, UCIvelonews
[Graham] Watson: Armstrong "did what he had to do"cyclingnews
Graham's View: Lance Armstronggrahamwatson
Lance Armstrong could admit doping in attempt to make
If Lance Armstrong is coming clean, he owes hundreds of apologies to those he

December 29 update:
Chapter closed as Lance Armstrong opts against appeal - The Times of Indiaafp
David Walsh: You had people in the sport who were always complicit in the
David Walsh - Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong (24:18) — soundcloud

December 25 update:
What are the updates on the suspended riders? roadcycling

December 23 update:
British paper sues Lance Armstrong for $1.5m over lost libel

December 21 update:

December 20 update:
Travis Tygart: 'We're here to take the heat for clean athletes'

December 18 update:
Rick Crawford loses coaching job as new doping allegations emergecyclingnews

December 17 update:
Ties That Bind; Do USA Cycling Protect Armstrongreader.roopstigo

December 16 update:
Embrace the anger, Sally, not the liarsundaytimes

December 15 update:
New Zealander of the year for 2012: Stephen
Lance Armstrong's former physician says he never saw dopingusatoday
Lance Armstrong resisted subpoena, then tried to keep inquiry secretsportsillustrated.cnn
Ian Thorpe 'happy' at demise of Lance Armstrongscmp
Michele Ferrari on Al Jazeeracyclismas
Shades of Lance: exclusive extracts from David Walsh's new

December 10 update:
Armstrong could face DOJ's
Feds Ponder Joining Suit Against Armstrongwsj
Landis' whistle-blower suit against Armstrong rumbles oncyclingnews
Lance Armstrong still under scrutinyespn.go

December 8 update:
The Explainer: When it comes to the UCI, change is needed … but it ain’t easyredkiteprayer

December 6 update:
Silence falls as Austin awaits Armstrong's 'last word'cnn
Banned sports drug linked to Lance Armstrong may NOT improve performance, experts

December 5 update:
IOC chief says UCI must strip Armstrong of his Sidney bronzevelonews
Lemond to run for UCI Presidency?podiumcafe
Rick Crawford: I helped Levi Leipheimer to dopecyclingnews
Rick Crawford confesses to aiding doping ridersvelonews
From the inside Jonathan Vaughters tells the truth about ex-teammate Lance Armstrongespn/joelindsey

December 4 update:
Kimmage on Change Cycling Now, UCI legal case, Armstrong verdict and morevelonation
What Direction Will The Winds Of Change Take?roadcycling
Greg Lemond for [interm] UCI Presidenteuronews

December 3 update:
Change Cycling Now: LeMond prepared to stand as interim UCI Presidentvelonation
LeMond to run for UCI presidencyvelonews

November 28 update:
The Least Influential People of 2012 (#13 Lance Armstrong) — gq
Shirtless and shameless: Lance Armstrong shows no remorse as he enjoys a canoeing trip with friends in

November 26 update:
Hamilton: "Armstrong leidet jetzt wie ein Hund" (40:43 German) —

November 25 update:
Wiggins claims he's better than disgraced Armstrong ever was because success wasn't 'built on sand'
Is The IRS Investigating Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation?forbes

November 22 update:
Lance Armstrong And The Business Of Doping (07:50 English) — tom goldman/

November 20 update:
Scarponi faces ban for Ferrari
French ex-anti doping chief says President Sarkozy forced him out of job at Lance Armstrong's
University Rescinds Honorary Degree Awarded to Lance Armstrongweeklystandard

November 19 update:
Inside Livestrong: the line between cause and cult — selena roberts/roopstigo
Bordry: "Armstrong boasted he'd asked for my head"cyclingnews
Pinot: Being beaten by dopers is no longer a valid excusecyclingnews

November 15/16 update:
Hamilton [Riis] allegations creating stir in Denmarkvelonews
Doping body [ASADA] to go easy on riders who tell
It's up to athletes to clean this upespn.go
David Petraeus, Lance Armstrong, Joe Paterno, even Elmo. Is there anyone we can trust?nola
UCI, WADA set for Montreal meeting in wake of Armstrong Affairvelonews
Cadel Evans comments on Armstrong case; speaks of frustration at suspicion hanging over ridersvelonation
more to come...

November 14 update:
Tennis players shun Spanish doctor banned from cycling for dopingap
Ashenden says UCI-run anti-doping hotline would lack credibilityvelonation
David Walsh to release Armstrong book "Seven Deadly Sins"cyclingnews
An open letter from Pat McQuaid to the riders on the Postal Service scandalvelonews
Reparation Tour: Can Armstrong Settle His Pastroopstigo
Trek moves on without Lance ArmstrongJournal Sentinel
Livestrong cancer charity drops Lance Armstrong name from titlereuters
Lance Armstrong's Trolling Juices Mobli's Trafficforbes

November 13 update:
WADA chief warns Lance Armstrong case is tip of icebergap
UCI to set up doping hotline for
UCI announces anti-doping hotline and seeks to assure riders that it will listen to concernsvelonation
Sally Jenkins Still Has No Plans to Write About Lance Armstrongwashingtoncitypaper

November 12 update:
Hamilton: UCI must accept responsibility for cycling's pastcyclingnews
WADA Funding At Critical Point In Doping Warcyclingnews
Freire: I never had suspicions about Armstrongcyclingnews
WADA denies charges of protecting Armstrongcyclingnews
Armstrong resigns from Livestrong board of directorscyclingnews
Lance Armstrong Cuts Livestrong Ties to Save Donationsbloomberg
Armstrong’s lawyers proposed settlement with SCA Promotionsvelonation
Michael Ashenden on the Armstrong Trianglenyvelocity
Armstrong Cuts Official Ties With Livestrong Charitynytimes

November 11 update:
Time to rename the Lance Armstrong Bikewaystatesman

November 10 update:
Lance Armstrong Stole My £10,000! ('Not About the Bike' Book Reward Aftermath)transparencyinsportblog
Why Sally Jenkins Hasn’t Written About Lance Armstrong Latelyjimromenesko
'Back in Austin and just layin' around...'lancearmstrong

November 9 update:
The Lance Armstrong Conundrumnytimes
New York Times’ Juliet Macur to Pen Book on Lance Armstrongmediabistro
UCI and WADA blamed for anti-doping failurecyclingnews
Former Armstrong teammate Benoit Joachim regrets not working with Michele Ferrarivelonews

November 8 update:
Oakley to Become Tour de France Sponsor After Dropping Armstrongbloomberg
Finally, My Suspicions Confirmed! Triple Crown Fixed (from Oct 15/2012) — stevetilford
WADA criticises Sky's zero-tolerance approach
Litigants and the UCI: Just the beginning?cyclismas
Kittel questions Astana ProTeam licence, states that he’d never race for teamvelonation

November 7 update:
Hamilton on Tinkov: His return is a setback for cyclingcyclingnews
Former Lance Armstrong teammate [David George] admits doping with EPObostonherald
Lance Armstrong revelations leave cyclist's widow wonderingseattletimes
Bradley Wiggins: “I get incredibly angry when I'm accused of doping”velonation
Chatenay-Malabry Hacking: Landis drops appeal against one year suspended sentencevelonation
Fabian Cancellara: "We are going through a difficult time, but cycling will never die.”velonation
IOC member says "Armstrong’s credibility has gone" regardless of Olympic medal decisioncyclingnews
Dutch federation to form panel to probe ‘culture of doping’ in cyclingvelonews
UCI commission into Lance Armstrong scandal begins to take
Sponsor sad at loss of Lance Armstrong's 'great story'cnn

November 6 update:
Will Routley says competitors who used PEDs aren’t just cheaters, they’re criminalsvancouversun
Scarponi suspended by Lampre after admitting Ferrari link
Former US Postal rider David George tests positive for EPOvelonation
The Trifecta That Shaped U.S. Cycling in the Armstrong Era (orig published 1 yr ago) — cyclismas

November 5 update:
Howman: WADA's credibility not in question in Armstrong aftermathcyclingnews
Vaughters calls for UCI to split with its anti-doping division; suggests teams fund their own, WADA-managed programvelonews
Cycling needs to face its dark period to climb out of
Geraint Thomas sees long-term positives from Lance Armstrong
Armstrong's fraud paralleled EPO-makers' feud (Must Read) — cyclingnews
Independence critical for clean sport, says Tygartcyclingnews

November 4 update:
Race of truth keeps rollingpaulkimmage/
Skins launches legal claim against UCI chiefs for two million US dollarsvelonation
Lance, the lies and medavidwalsh/sundaytimes
Hamilton contradicts Riis' insistence that Danish team owner never met Fuentesvelonation

November 3 update:
Exclusive interview: David Millar reveals his vision of a drug-free future for cyclingheraldscotland
Bradley Wiggins on booze, fatherhood, tax … and Lance
Kimmage makes position clear in relation to defence fundvelonation

November 2 update:
Lance Armstrong shows why the disruption in journalism mattersgigaom
Opinion: Armstrong case provides a window into our collective moralityvelonews
WADA will not appeal USADA decision on Lance Armstrongcyclingnews
WADA won’t appeal Armstrong sanction to CAS, seven Tour titles confirmed removedvelonation
Howman: ‘Zero tolerance just leads to Omerta all over again’velonation
Analysis: Bruyneel’s arbitration proceeding could give USADA the power to subpoena witnesses, including Armstrongvelonews
WADA rules out appeal against six month sanctions for USADA witnessesvelonation

November 1 update:
IOC considers action on Armstrong's Olympic medalcyclingnews
Armstrong ruling questioned by doping expertscyclingnews
Orica-GreenEdge dismisses Matt Whitecyclingnews
South Park Watch: All For a Good Scausetime
A Scause for Applause (South Park Season 16, Episode 13)southparkstudios
Armstrong scandal causes Drenthe region to withdraw support from Vuelta 2015 startvelonation
Kimmage counter attacks by suing Verbruggen and McQuaid in Swiss courtsvelonation
Kimmage counter-sues Verbruggen, McQuaidcyclingnews
USA Cycling to increase domestic anti-doping effortscyclingnews
Kimmage speaks about his legal action, says McQuaid and Verbruggen need to be removed immediatelyvelonation

October 31 update:
Lance Armstrong: I'm Back On My Biketmz
Lance Armstrong celebrity guy [effigy] to burn at
Town to burn Lance Armstrong in effigycbsnews
Contador: "If Lance is guilty, then it stands to reason he loses his Tours"cyclingnews
SCA Promotions demand Armstrong's bonus

October 30 update:
Julich is collateral damage in longtime Armstrong rivalryvelonews
Would you trade places with Lance Armstrong?dallasnews
Freire says impossible to claim that cycling is cleancyclingnews
Jens Voigt on Doping: 'I Just Did Not Ever Dope'bicycling
Lance Armstrong’s Positive, Negative Image Split, Poll Saysbloomberg
Halloween Costume Ideas? Try Dressing as One of the Many Sports Antiheroes From the Past 12 Monthswsj
Another “I Smoked Pot but Didn’t Inhale” Confession by Bobby Julichstevetilford

October 29 update:
Jaksche : The problem isn't Armstrong, it's the systemcyclingnews
Pinotti calls for greater financial penalties for doping offencescyclingnews
[Slipstream Sport's Doug] Ellis backs plans for independent commissioncyclingnews
“Four or five” businesses in negotiation to replace Rabobank at WorldTour teamvelonation
Indications Kimmage may take legal action of his own against UCIvelonation
Steven de Jongh Exits Team Sky; Team reaffirms stance on anti-dopingteamsky
Sky release de Jongh after doping confessioncyclingnews
Head of British Cycling says UCI has one 'last chance to prove its credibility' in wake of Lance Armstrong

October 28 update:
Sky says Yates will retire from cycling, no doping admission was madevelonation
Sean Yates quits Team Sky and retires from professional
UCI face fight for credibility in damaging Lance Armstrong
Team Sky zero tolerance policy or how not to address realitychasingwheels
Chasing Armstrong With Truthnytimes
Cyclist George Hincapie takes final ride charlotteobserver

October 27 update:
Dallas promoter demands refund from Armstrongap
Lance Armstrong threatened with lawsuit by Dallas promotions firmlatimes
Italian cyclists rebel against UCI over Armstrong

October 26 update:
How dopers stole the best years of my [Bradley McGee]
More Confession, One More Apologyjohn wilcockson/pelotonmagazine
Kittel "sick" of Armstrong supporterscyclingnews
UCI to establish independent commission, suspends Kimmage lawsuitvelonews
UCI suspends legal action against Paul Kimmage during independent commission reviewvelonation
Armstrong's Tour De France titles will not be awarded to other ridersitv
Press release: UCI takes decisive action in wake of Lance Armstrong affair
UCI calls on Lance Armstrong to return prize
Cycling Media Shamedbikehugger
UCI Promises Action After Armstrong Reportbicycling
Armstrong’s Fortune Likely to Withstand Doping Chargesnytimes
Kimmage considers his optionsirishtimes
Lance Armstrong once predicted his possible demiseusatoday

October 25 update:
Open Letter to Pat McQuaid from Greg LeMond (must read, pass around) — steephill
Why didn’t Cycling Australia smell the doping stench?
Contador defends 'lynched'
Interview with Dick Pound: The real ‘clients’ (the national cycling federations) of the UCI, should speak up — sportdroit
What Of Cycling's Other Secrets?: truth and reconciliation — ap
Lack of leadership: The buck must not stop with Armstrongskysports
Exclusive: Bobby Julich doping confessioncyclingnews
Bobby Julich leaves Team Sky after admitting EPO use in the
The Armstrong Triangle: details of payments to the UCI — michael ashenden
Dutch cycling federation KNWU demands urgent action and reforms from the UCIvelonation

October 24 update:
Merckx "sickened" for cycling (Speak now, or forever hold your peace) —
Alpe d'Huez Mayor wants Armstrong’s name removed from climbcyclingnews
Mercier: The UCI must get rid of Pat McQuaidcyclingnews
Evans calls on cycling fans not to despair, says sport has moved onvelonation
Doctor Ferrari in denial over USADA
Mark Cavendish frustrated by deceit in
Kimmage felt rage, deflation during McQuaid’s Armstrong press conferencevelonews
Will Lance Armstrong ever fess up and face the truth?foxnews
Del Moral denies involvement in Armstrong doping casecyclingnews
Armstrong war of words escalates between UCI, USADA (Must Read) — reuters
French cycling establishment quick to turn page on Armstrong Affairvelonews
The Great American Tour Heistbikehugger
Merckx "fell into the trap" of Armstrongcyclingnews
'Lance Armstrong is a bully. I could not let him win,' says whistle-blower Betsy

October 23 update:
US Anti-Doping Agency chief Travis T Tygart insists truth and reconciliation commission will help heal
Can It Get Any Worse For Lance Armstrong?time
Lance Armstrong whistle-blowers are not heroes but scumbags, says cycling
McQuaid: Landis and Hamilton are far from heroescyclingnews
U.S. attorney still won't say why no [federal] chargeslatimes
Indurain says he still believes Armstrong is innocentvelonation
Pat McQuaid Radio Interview (27:43 English) —
‘I run the show’ and 13 other things Pat McQuaid said on RTÉ this
How Lance duped the Mighty: Influence Peddler (Chapter previews) — selena roberts
Armstrong Set Own Fate By Turning Against Floydroadcycling
Cycling's Doping Problem: A Clean Athlete's Persepectiveerin mirabella
Meet Your New Tour de France Champwsj
Armstrong Called UCI Ahead of Date With Destiny, Updates Twitter Bio to Remove Tour Titles afp
McQuaid has no place in cycling, says Hamiltoncyclingnews
Collateral damage and the human cost of wrecking the playing fieldvelonews
UCI Official: We should have got Armstrong
Armstrong's problems have only just
Kimmage and Walsh let rip at McQuaidirishexaminer
“A shocking disregard for [his own] life” – my personal opinion on Lance Armstrongtourdejose
Race Director: South Australia has no legal basis to sue for Lance Armstrong's Tour Down Under
Independent anti-doping commission needed for cycling, says AIGCPcyclingnews
Former USPS rider Scott Mercier Interview (06:41 English) — skysports
Lance Armstrong could still appeal over Usada report, claims
Why Sally Jenkins Hasn’t Written About Lance Armstrong Latelyjimromenesko
Former Armstrong teammate [Steffen Kjaergaard] admits dopingap
Daniel Friebe: Armstrong could end up in prison (05:01 English) —
Merckx ‘amazed’ at Armstrong, says they never spoke about doctorsvelonation
Valverde voices support for Lance Armstrongcyclingnews

October 22 update:
Vaughters: Cycling Australia should not have turned its back on Hodge, Whitecyclingnews
Judgement Day (Today at 13:00 CET) — inrng
Evans admits meeting Ferrari but insists no doping was discussedvelonation
Team management confident in replacing Rabobankcyclingnews
Armstrong officially stripped of seven Tour de France winsvelonation
McQuaid: "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling"cyclingnews
As Live Recap: UCI press
UCI agrees to strip Armstrong of his 7 Tour titlesapnews
Oakley Statement on Lance Armstrong based on UCI Rulingoakley
Official UCI Statementuci
Statement From USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart On UCI
Graphic: Who gets Lance Armstrong's 1999-2005 Tour de France wins, if at allvelonews
David Walsh: 'It was obvious to me Lance Armstrong was doping'
David Millar's Reaction (04:53 English) — skysports
Covering Lance Armstrong was a wild ride, but the truth came outdavidwalsh/sportsillustrated
World Cycling Body Strips Armstrong of Titlesonline.wsj
The myths persist about Lance Armstrongmontrealgazette
Lance Armstrong case: 'He deserves to be forgotten,' says UCI
Prudhomme asks Armstrong to pay back prize money from Tour
SCA to seek $7.5m from Lance Armstrongcyclingnews
Analysis: What is next for Lance Armstrong?velonews
Reactions to UCI's confirmation of Lance Armstrong's bancyclingnews
Lance Armstrong cast out of the sport that turned him from a nobody to a somebodyfoxnews
Millar "empowered" by UCI decision on Armstrong bancyclingnews
Cycling sponsors face doping dilemma after Armstrong scandalreuters
USA Cycling president applauds lifetime ban for Armstrongvelonews
Statement from WADA President John Fahey on UCI decision in Lance Armstrong
UCI chief condemns Lance Armstrong's whistle-blowers Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton as ‘scumbags’
UCI complies, but can't escape blameespn

October 21 update:
1999 TdF: Lance Armstrong denies cortisone doping to friendly Paul Sherwen (01:52 English) — nos
Phil Liggett: 'I had no reason not to believe Lance'
Johny Schleck wants his sons Andy and Frank to quit cyclingvelonation
Cycling commentator Phil Liggett says Lance Armstrong made a fool out of
Contador: 'sport must look to the future'; speaks out on Armstrong sagavelonation
Lab director says Armstrong had suspicious test result in 2002velonation
Team Sky and Brailsford braced for departures as employee denies doping
Ban cycling from Olympics! British athletics legend Thompson calls for ultimate sanction on a sport mired in
Paul Kimmage: Big reveal of Cancer
Livestrong Challenge cyclists expressed mixed opinions on Lance Armstrong’s legacyafp
Cycling Central doping discussion w/ anti-doping expert Michael Ashenden, journalist Anthony Tan, Cycling Australia President Klaus Mueller (51:03 English) —
Lance Armstrong's repeated denials of doping claims (01:14 English) —
Boonen: Only Lance Can End The Current Doubt In Cycling | Cyclingnews.comcyclingnews
Tom Boonen talks about Lance, Levi, Cav and Heinpodiumcafe

October 20 update:
Vaughters questions Sky's new anti-doping policycyclingnews
Peloton urged to follow Evans to
Lance Armstrong myth shattered for Geoff
Armstrong’s Wall of Silence Fell Rider by Rider (Must Read) — nytimes
Ashenden states the UCI’s anti-doping fight doesn’t have the same impetus as beforevelonation
Get the UCI out of the doping-control businessredkiteprayer
Open letter: David Millar responds to Rabobank's decision to leave cyclingcyclingnews
USADA stripped Lance Armstrong’s titles; sponsors fled; fans left to decidewashingtonpost
The Michele Ferrari system revealed Swiss bank accounts, fake
The Ferrari system

October 19 update:
Anticipation builds for Armstrong speechafp
Tuning into Radio Millarcyclingnews
Armstrong's foe [Travis Tygart] says finding truth the No. 1 goalap
Rabobank stuns cycling with sudden withdrawal from the sportvelonation
Rabobank ends sponsorship over concerns cycling is not 'clean and fair'
Gesink shocked by Rabobank [pullout] newscyclingnews
Rabobank ‘white jersey’ support will see pro teams continue next seasonvelonation
[Bob] Stapleton calls for sweeping changes to move cycling
Lance Armstrong scandal doesn't prove cycling is rife with mischief, says Stephen
UCI decision on Lance Armstrong coming Mondayusatoday
Rubiera: I never saw Armstrong dope; Ferrari the best coach there iscyclingnews
WADA chief says he will consider amnesty programvelonews
Lance Armstrong/ Livestrong Charity Ride Fraud in Canadaireport.cnn
J. Vaughters warns D. Brailsford that Sky drugs policy ignores valuable history
USA Cycling drops Lance Armstrong’s name from junior road race seriesvelonation
Lance Armstrong avoids doping allegations at Livestrong anniversaryap
Some Livestrong supporters want their money backcnn
Lance Armstrong at gala: 'We will move forward'reuters
Lotto and Belisol companies reiterate support for cycling and pushing for a clean sportvelonation
Armstrong’s Financial Woes, Journalism and Lance, and Omega Pharma Business Matters bicycling
Rabobank’s sudden departure from pro cycling is very bad news.bicycling

October 18 update:
Armstrong resigns as Livestrong chairmanwap.statesman
[Floyd] Landis returning to race in New
Philippe Gilbert Interview: 'if it’s true... about Hein Verbruggen... for sure he has to leave' — sportspromedia
Spain's Attorney General to launch criminal proceedings against Armstrong?cyclingnews
O'Grady in "shock" following evidence in USADA reportcyclingnews
‘Tattooed Guy’ Pivotal in Armstrong Casenytimes
Shades of Gray: The Suzanne Sonye Story (orig. May 09) — womensadventuremagazine
Lance Armstrong Gets Dumpedwsj
Wearing Livestrong wristbands problematic amid Armstrong doping scandalchicagotribune
La Gazzetta uncovers 'Ferrari system', "the largest investigation in the history of doping"biciciclismo
Lance Armstrong Gives Italians Sense of Legal Superiority?lastampa
Team Sky riders are told to pledge allegiance to anti-doping
How Lance Armstrong Is Like Lehman Bros.slate
Cartoon: Lance Armstrong breaks the recent freefall recordzapiro
Il sistema Ferrari Conti svizzeri, contratti
UCI head Hein Verbruggen denies defending Lance
Lance Armstrong case: Nike about-turn completes the
Lance Armstrong's Endgamebicycling
Die-hard Armstrong fans believe he doped; Reactions from Austinafp
Armstrong Scandal with analysis by Richard Moore and Brian Smith (11:33 English) — skysports
Endemic: The Cycling Media and The Armstrong Scandal (Must Read) — redkiteprayer
Piers Morgan: Armstrong a 'disgraceful fraud' (02:00) — cnn
Is Armstrong's sponsorship fall the worst ever?nbcsports/velonews
Gazzetta reveals scale of doping and money laundering under Dr. Ferraricyclingnews
Verbruggen says UCI likely to respond to USADA Armstrong report towards end of next weekvelonation
Why Nike really dumped Lancefoxsports
Armstrong Isolated as Ex-UCI Chief Verbruggen Denies Supportafp
Cycling Australia swallows its own bitter pillcyclingnews
SRAM cuts ties with Armstrong, will continue with Livestrong, development teamvelonews
The Straight Dope: Is Lance Armstrong Memorabilia Worthless Now?moneyland.time
Cycling Australia vice president Hodge steps down, admits dopingcyclingnews
Terpstra: Armstrong affair in media more than in pelotoncyclingnews
Armstrong's foe says finding truth the No. 1 goalap
UCI chief 'must act or resign' on Armstrong affairreuters
Armstrong Loses Eight Sponsors in a Daycnbc
Pharmaceutical science - catching up with Armstrong’s doping Pelotonpharmaceutical-technology

October 17 update:
Analysis: How Spain became center of operations in Armstrong’s doping ringvelonews
Lance Armstrong's former teammate leads group of protesters who say Nike should cut ties with disgraced starnydailynews
The Real Loser in the Lance Armstrong Scandal: the Postal Serviceusnews
Armstrong can't be defended, says Robbie
Dr. Michele Ferrari says he needs time to study USADA report before respondingap
Accepting Lance Armstrong cash donations sparks "fresh" criticism of
Lance Armstrong paid motorcyclist to deliver
Lance Armstrong at risk to perjury
Cycling Australia sacks Matt
Kathy LeMond's SCA deposition details revealedcyclingnews
Lance Armstrong Stepping Down As Livestrong Chairmanap/huffingtonpost
Lance Armstrong dropped by sponsors Nike following 'insurmountable evidence'
Nike drops deal with Lance Armstrong after he 'misled us for a decade'
Nike [and RadioShack] Drops Lance Armstrongonline.wsj
RadioShack ends personal sponsorship of Armstrong, Oakley reiterates it awaits UCI decisionvelonation
Are we destined to repeat "Pharmageddon"? Groundhog Day for Cycling?cyclismas
Tygart: Code of silence claimed Leipheimervelonews
Greipel voices support of USADA investigationcyclingnews
Gripper calls on the UCI to do more to fight dopingcyclingnews
André Greipel: “The fight against fraud and ill-gotten success must be continued!”velonation
Roundtable: Lance Armstrong's tarnished legacy: 'It's the cover up, not the crime'espn
Wiggins: 'Armstrong won't overshadow my year'
The Lance Armstrong ad that Nike probably (definitely) regret making
Leipheimer opens up about doping revelationspressdemocrat
Anheuser-Busch joins Nike in distancing from Lance Armstrongcyclingnews
Steffen: Anti-doping vigilance needs to continue in wake of USADA investigationcyclingnews
Team Sky asks riders and staff to sign anti-doping declarationcyclingnews
Nike, RadioShack, Anheuser-Busch, Giro end relationships with Armstrongvelonews
Official Stmt: Lance Armstrong to Step Down as Chairman of
After Doping Scandal, More Bad News for Armstrongbicycling
Are reporters to blame for Armstrong myth?John Leicester/AP
Post-Armstrong Cycling Australia eats itself
Nike severs ties to Lance Armstrong "with great sadness" in wake of doping report (02:10 English) — cbsnews
Truth And Consequences: Why Bicycling magazine held back — sportsonearth
Lance Armstrong Gets the Paterno Treatment at Nike HQbusinessweek
Trek breaks ties with Lance Armstrongcyclingnews
Cycling Australia criticised for sacking doping coach (03:30 English) —
Experts say Armstrong marketing brand severely damagedvelonews
Spanish prosecutors looking into USADA filesvelonews

October 16 update:
Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth w/ Jeremy Whittle (2:00:00 English) —
UCI chief's remarks stun doping
A day of reckoning for Lance Armstrong's fanslatimes
Australian Sports Commission says amnesty sends the wrong messagecyclingnews
Tyler Hamilton book nominated for William Hill prizecyclingnews
Doping offenders offered a second
Leipheimer sacked by Omega
Protesters: Nike should cut ties with Lance Armstrongkatu
The Lance Armstrong fairness fallacycyclingnews
IOC to wait for UCI to act before considering stripping Lance Armstrong of Olympic medalwashingtonpost
Horner says he ‘never’ saw doping on Bruyneel teamsvelonews
Taylor Phinney Interview: Getting the pill culture out of the sportvelonation
Ferrari hits back at USADA doping accusationscyclingnews
Volodymyr Bileka speaks - In Englishpodiumcafe
Matt White's suspension while Cycling Australia investigates makes no
Finally, My Suspicions Confirmed! Triple Crown Fixedstevetilford

October 15 update:
Lance vs Cadel: a study of two 22-year-olds (orig. 2010) —
ASADA to investigate White's doping
Mr Clean Christophe Bassons 'not bitter' towards Lance
USADA faced major scramble in Armstrong doping caseusatoday
For the future of cycling, Lance Armstrong should come cleanbostonglobe
Lance Armstrong's masseuse, Emma O'Reilly, claims she worked as 'drug-runner'
Doping fallout from Lance Armstrong case shifts to include Australian Michael
Armstrong's cheating means great British cycling boom feels
Team Sky "made full checks" on Dutch doctor [Geert Leinders]
Oakley standing behind Armstrong for nowvelonation
[Airhead] Andy Schleck: cycling needs to focus on the futurecyclingnews
Special: The World According to Lance, Miracle to Dust (46:37 English) —
The World According to Lance - key
Pressure on for UCI's McQuaid and Verbruggen to resign
Can a Race Among Doped Cyclists Be Fair? One Former Armstrong Teammate Says No.nytimes
The myth of the UCI: It is time for a change (Aug 6) — cyclismas
Australian cycling legend 'witnessed Armstrong bribe'
Despite USADA's evidence Liggett remains Armstrong's supportercyclingnews
Michael Ashenden: Australian cycling body shares
Lancing the boilheraldscotland
Cycling’s New Path to a Clean Sport Must Continuenytimes
Doping and The Myth of A Level Playing Fieldinrng
Christophe Bassons Interview: 'People Now See I Wasn’t Lying'bicycling

October 14 update:
Cadel's [2011 Tour de France] triumph
Hamilton's first interview since Wednesday's announcement (05:00 English) — ac360.blogs.cnn
Lance Armstrong's teammate, Patrick Jonker, 'never saw any doping' (07:01 English) —
Julian Dean denies knowledge of U.S. Postal doping culturecyclingnews
America refuses to accept a hero's
Armstrong may take a lie detector test, says lawyercyclingnews
David Walsh on Betsy Andeau and Emma O'Reillysundaytimes
Pound says it’s not credible that the UCI didn’t know about Armstrong’s dopingvelonation
Threatened with a baseball bat, the whistleblower Armstrong called a fat, ugly
Lance Armstrong lawyer 'would might accept' lie detector
Paul Kimmage: Truth comes dropping slow (MUST READ) —
Cycling Central: Doping Scandal (inc Matt White) and Consequences (13:51 English) —
The case against Armstrong - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corp) (03:20 English) —
Millar says USADA report will change livescyclingnews

October 13 update:
Matt White admits doping, steps down from Orica-GreenEdge, Aussie national teamvelonews
Matt White admits doping at US Postal Service team, apologisesvelonation
Sunday Times considering legal action against Armstrongvelonation
The Explainer: I’m shocked, shocked, I saypelkey/redkiteprayer
Jens Voigt speaks out on Johan Bruyneel and Levi Leipheimervelonews
L’Affaire d’Armstrong and the falloutcyclismas
Nicolas Roche: ‘If you dope, don’t blame anyone else. It’s your choice. Admit it’
Betsy Andreu: No longer a voice in the wildernesscyclingnews
Sean Yates and all Team Sky employees will be asked to confirm they have not breached drug-free
Scandal hurts Armstrong, but doesn't destroy imagem.apnews
Former cycling editor - It was a cover-up – and I was part of
Michael Barry Interview: 'I doped' (05:44 English) —
Dick Pound says UCI’s apparent blindness regarding doping ‘is not credible’afp
I Have to call Bullsh*tstevetilford

October 12 update:
Bob Stapleton open to return to cyclingcyclingnews
Simeoni: "Armstrong and past still haunt me"cyclingnews
Lance Armstrong’s Former Masseuse [Emma O'Really] Tells of Dopingnytimes
RadioShack Nissan team confirms Bruyneel’s time as general manager has endedvelonation
Tour de France chief wants years 1999-2005 left blank on the record booksvelonation
Millar calls for Verbruggen’s resignation, says sport must move forwardvelonation
Armstrong case: SCA Promotions waiting for UCI response before deciding about legal actionvelonation
After the Fire; Assessing the aftermath of the USADA-Armstrong case.joelindsey/bicycling
How Lance Armstrong transformed North American
Lance Armstrong Had Little Choice but to DopeJohn Eustice/ ideas.time
Tyler Hamilton on 'how US Postal cheated'
Cycling [Matt White] boss in drugs
Emma O'Reilly interview (02:15 English/Dutch) — nos

October 11 update:
Brian Smith: I told Lance I'd never take drugs... two weeks later I was
Armstrong's doctor, Michelle Ferrari, could face criminal chargesap
We didn't know about Leipheimer case when he signed, claims Lefeverecyclingnews
Bradley Wiggins: Not surprised by findingsskysports
The Bertagnolli Testimony: A Look into Ferrari's Worldthegaviafiles
I [Rupert Guinness] was wrong, and others must come clean

October 10 update:
The full 202-page Reasoned Decision against Lance Armstrong plus other documentsusda
ESPN Outside the Lines w/ USADA's Travis Tygart, Lance's lawyer Tim Herman, Bonnie Ford & legal expert Lester Munson — espn
Case closed: Armstrong dopedbonnie ford, espn
Hincapie admits doping until 2006, says he agreed to give evidence in investigationvelonation
Levi Leipheimer accepts his part in “the dirty past of cycling”velonation
Garmin-Sharp and its riders comment on their parts in USADA investigationvelonation
Michael Barry says he was encouraged by the US Postal Team to dope, regrets choicevelonation
Austin reacts to report that Lance Armstrong cheated (03:10 English) — kvue

October 6 update:
A New Greg LeMond Interview (36:37 English) —

September 11 update:
Review: ‘The Secret Race’ by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coylenytimes

August 24 update:
Lance Armstrong Receives Lifetime Ban And Disqualification Of Competitive Results For Doping Violationsusada

July 15 2011 update:

May 31 2011 update:
An interview with Floyd Landis by Paul Kimmagenyvelocity

July 15 2009 update:
  Veteran journalist Paul Kimmage rekindles the Lance Armstrong controversy (link outdated, check back) — dublins98

April 3 2009 update:
Michael Ashenden: "So there is no doubt in my mind Lance Armstrong took EPO during the '99 Tour."nyvelocity

Eight years ago David Walsh wrote a booked called L. A. Confidentiel, originally banned in English