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Trofeo-Laigueglia, an early season classic in northwest Italy. 2018 Race details below

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Trofeo Laigueglia Post-Race Coverage

Despite the parachute effect of bib numbers flapping in the breeze, Moreno Moser holds off seven riders at Trofeo-Laigueglia:

— steve @ steephill tv (@steephill) February 11, 2018

Onorati di averti di nuovo come nostro campione in carica e ora facci sognare nessun limite #morenomoser

— Trofeo Laigueglia (@il_Laigueglia) February 11, 2018

Moreno Moser vince il 55° Trofeo

2018 Trofeo-Laigueglia Preview

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February 10 update:
Race Preview with Favoritesciclismointernacional

February 7 update:
Provisional Startlist w/ bib
Trofeo Laigueglia, circuito finale di 4 giri

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February 7 update: A work in progress for 2018 Trofeo-Laigueglia live and delayed coverage. In the past, this race has not always been broadcasted live. Check back at race time for more links. Feel free to send in additional sources for live video, tv coverage or text updates/tickers as they become known. — Steve

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   delayed video (italian)
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2018 Trofeo-Laigueglia Route Map

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