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News and Updates for Tour of the Gila 2011

August 11 update:
Gila jumps to the UCI ranks in 2011: April 27 to May 1 (tentative dates) — cyclingnews

News and Updates for Tour of the Gila 2010

Stage 5 results: Darren Lill solos the end of the Gila Monster; Levi Leipheimer wins the overall

Stage 5 pro men's results
1  Darren Lill (Fly V Australia)   106 miles in 4:25:03 (24 mph)  - 0:10
2  Robert Britton (Bissell Pro Cycling)          + 0:06           - 0:06
3  Max Jenkins (UnitedHealthcare)                                 - 0:04
4  Caleb Fairly (U25 Holowesko Partners)         
5  Burke Swindlehurst (teamgive)                 + 0:23
6  Patrick McCarty (Matrix/RBM)                  
7  Jesse Sergent (U25 Trek Livestrong)           + 0:53
8  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)             + 0:59	
9  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                       + 1:03
10 Levi Leipheimer (Team Mellow Johnny's)
Final men's general classification
1  Levi Leipheimer (Team Mellow Johnny's)      13:47:05
2  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                       + 0:59 
3  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)             + 1:09
4  David Zabriskie (DZ Nuts)                     + 1:10 
Full Stage 5 Results  |  Final General Classificationtourofthegila
Darren Lill slays the Gila Monster as Leipheimer wraps up Gila winvelonews
Lill, Cheatley win final Gila stagecyclingnews
Stage 5 photoscyclingnews
Leipheimer Wins Overall at Gilalivestrong
RadioShack's Levi Leipheimer takes second Tour of the Gilavelonation
  Stage 5 Race and Event Highlights (05:29) — sram
  Darren Lill post stage winner's interview (02:12) — podiuminsight
RadioShack's Levi Leipheimer takes second Tour of the Gilavelonation
  Levi Leipheimer reflects on the Tour of the Gila and ATOC (00:57) — teamradioshack
Stage 5 pro women's results
1  Cathy Cheatley (Colavita/Baci p/b Cooking Light)
2  Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co-Twenty12)         + 0:08
3  Alison Powers (Vera Bradley Foundation)           + 1:41

Final women's general classification
1  Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)
2  Alison Powers (Vera Bradley Foundation)           + 2:40
3  Cathy Cheatley (Colavita/Baci p/b Cooking Light)  + 3:11
Full Stage 5 Womens Results  |  Final Womens General Classificationtourofthegila

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May 2 update: Stage 5 is the final and queen stage with Levi Leipheimer up by one-minute on his nearest competitor, Tom Danielson. Today's Gila Monster Stage will hit the 7500 foot elevation point three times and Levi claims Danielson is "one of the best high altitude climbers in the world."

From the official course description: This is a 105.7 mile point-to-point road race with 9,131 feet of climbing and 8,252 feet of descent. After the start, proceed out of Silver City on US 180. Race will remain neutral until clearing the last stoplight on the way out of town at 2.2 miles. The first road of the race is a four-lane divided highway with wide shoulders. Riders stay in right lane and shoulder. At 7.8 miles, the race will turn left onto NM 152. Your first bonus sprint is at 10.9 miles (mile marker 3). Race turns left onto Galaz Street into San Lorenzo at 23.6 miles, then left onto San Francisco Street, then right onto NM 35. After the turn through San Lorenzo the race goes up the Mimbres River valley toward Lake Roberts. The road is narrow with little or no shoulder. Your second bonus sprint will be along NM 35 at Camp Thun- derbird, 38.5 miles between mm13 and14. The first feed zone will be on NM 35 at the Continental Divide, 40.1 miles. Gatorade and neutral water are provided here. At the junction with NM 15, riders turn right to begin the 7 mile Cop- peras Vista climb of the Gila Cliff Dwelling leg. Use caution on dangerous descents. At 70 miles, you reach the turn-around. Your second feed zone will be along NM 15 at 77.6 miles. Use caution on descent to Sapillo Creek. Riders will cross Sapillo Creek at 88.1 miles and begin the 3.3 mile climb to Wild Horse Mesa. At 105.1 miles, bear to the right at the “Y” intersection, the road into Pinos Altos (photo above-left), an abandoned mining town. It is approximately 0.5 miles to the finish. Finish sprint is on a gradually rising grade. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile and interactive map. — Steve

Live Video Streaming and Text Coverage

April 28 update: A work in progress for Tour of the Gila 2010 live coverage and video highlights.
There will apparently be live video for the weekend stages. Check back at race time for more live text
update links and after each stage for post-race video highlights. — Steve

media source tv or internet comments/restrictions
   live video (english)
English; According to the official site, the New Mexico Sports Authority will have live video coverage of the weekend stages. Not sure if that entails one fixed camera or something more.
 steephill text updates
 Tour Gila text updates
 #gila twitter group
short text updates from any and everyone
check back at race time for more and updated links; email send a comment or a new live link

Stage 4 results:

Stage 4 43 mi crit results
1  Taylor Phinney (Trek Livestrong)
2  Ivan Dominguez (Jamis Sutter Home)
3  Charles Dionne (Fly V Australia)

General classification after stage 4
1  Levi Leipheimer (Team Mellow Johnny's)         	
2  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                  + 0:59                  
3  David Zabriskie  (DZ Nuts)               + 1:04  
4  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)        + 1:14
Full Stage 4 Results  |  Full General Classificationtourofthegila
Phinney cashes in at Tour of the Gila crit, Leipheimer has ’smooth ride’velonews
Phinney beats Dominguez in criterium finishcyclingnews
Finish photovelonews
Amaran targets a podium finish at Gilacyclingnews
  Taylor Phinney post stage (03:54) — podiuminsight
  Stage 4 Race and Event Highlights (06:11) — sram
... more to come... May 1 update: A good, old-fashioned four-corner criterium... forty laps around a one mile course. Supposedly, there will be live video coverage today. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile and interactive map. — Steve

Note: The Women's Pro 1,2 race starts at 2:00 PM MDT. 25 laps for 27 miles in total

Stage 3 results:

The Trek-Livestrong boys celebrate on Twitpic
Stage 3 16.5 mi ITT official results
1  Jesse Sergent (Trek Livestrong)   34:09  (28.9 mph)
2  Levi Leipheimer (Mellow Johnny's) 34:23  + 0:14 
3  Dave Zabriskie (DZ Nuts)          34:35  + 0:26
4  Tom Danielson  (DZ Nuts)          35:01  + 0:52
5  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia) 35:10  + 1:01
13 Lance Armstrong (Mellow Johnny's) 35:59  + 1:50

General classification after stage 3
1  Levi Leipheimer (Team Mellow Johnny's)  7:47:39         	
2  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                  + 0:59                  
3  David Zabriskie  (DZ Nuts)               + 1:04  
4  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)        + 1:14
Full Stage 3 Results  |  Full General Classificationtourofthegila
Sergent shocks stars at Gila TT; Leipheimer leadsvelonews
Sergent, Powers top Gila time trialcyclingnews
Sergeant Drills It; Powers Surges at Gila TT (w/ nice action shot) — podiuminsight
Jesse Sergent has HUGE win in
Sergent in a Stunnerlivestrong
Podium photo (riders bundled up while the podium girls are in summer dresses) — twitgoo
  Jesse Sergent winner's interview (04:44) — podiuminsight
  Levi Leipheimer post stage (04:09) — podiuminsight
  Stage 3 Race and Event Highlights (04:11) — sram
Photo Gallery Tour of the Gila Men TTpodiuminsight
... more to come...

Lance Armstrong during last year's Tour of the Gila ITT (photo courtesy of Rob Narvaez)
April 29 update: Stage 3 is a hilly, 16.5 mile out-and-back individual time-trial based in Tyrone, a ghost town. The TT starts with a steady climb for the first four-miles that gains 600 ft (avg grade of 2.8%) which the riders will do again from the opposite side on the return into Tyrone. The turnaround is at Oak Grove, another of the many ghost towns in New Mexico. The riders will start in reverse order of general classification 30-seconds apart (one-minute apart for the last ten riders who are top ten on GC). See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile and interactive map. Update: Cold and windy today. — Steve
ITT Start Order and Times (accurate?)
ITT photostream

Stage 2 results: Luis Amaran of Jamis Sutter Home wins the strung out finish

Stage 2 results
1  Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home)       81 miles in 3:25:02 (38.1 km/h)  - 0:10
2  Levi Leipheimer (Mellow Johnny's)                  + 0:02              - 0:06
3  Kyle Wamsley (Bissell Pro Cycling)                 + 0:05              - 0:04
4  Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare)                 + 0:13
5  David Tanner (Fly V Australia)
6  Jesse Sergent (Trek Livestrong)
7  Alex Howes (Holowesko Partners)
8  Marc de Maar (UnitedHealthcare)
9  Nick Walker (Holowesko Partners)
10 Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)
11 Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)

General classification after stage 2
1  Levi Leipheimer (Team Mellow Johnny's)            7:13:16	
2  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                            + 0:27
3  Cesar Grajales (OUCH-Bahati Foundation)            + 0:33	
4  Phillip Zajicek (Fly V Australia)                  + 0:33
5  Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home)                    + 0:35
6  Andrew Talansky (California Giant/Specialized)     + 0:55
7  David Zabriskie  (DZ Nuts)                         + 0:58
8  Chris Baldwin (UnitedHealthcare)                   + 1:04
Full Stage 2 Results  |  Full General Classificationtourofthegila
Amaran wins Inner Loop at Gila, Leipheimer keeps leadvelonews
Amaran tops Leipheimer on wind-swept stagecyclingnews
Podium photovelonews
 Armstrong assesses his form and his competitors’ strength at the Gila (01:59) — velonews
Luis Amaran (Jamis-Sutter Home) held off the race leader to win stage two.cyclingnews
  The windy podium ceremony (00:44) — teamradioshack
  Stage 2 Race and Event Highlights (05:26) — sram
Stage 2 photoscyclingnews
  Local TV Stage 2 Highlights... link fixed (01:31) — KOAT
  Cuba's Luis Amaran winner's interview (06:58 english-translator) — podiuminsight
  Post-Stage Interview with 3rd place rider Bissell's Kyle Wamsley (04:16) — podiuminsight
  Post-Stage Interview with Burke Swindlehurst (09:52) — podiuminsight
April 29 update: The official stage 2 description: This is an 80 mile loop with 5,781 feet of climbing, starting and finishing at Fort Bayard (left). Leave Ft. Bayard and turn right on US 180 toward Silver City. At 6.1 miles, turn right on the 32nd St. By-Pass. Just ahead is the first bonus sprint. Turn right on to NM 15 at the next intersection. After the village of Pinos Altos the road narrows with no center line. Use caution at all times. The first feed zone will be on the climb after Signal Peak Road, 21.3 miles. At 28.7 miles, Wild Horse Mesa is the start of a very technical 1000’+ drop. This 3 mile descent has numerous sharp corners, hairpins and two

Also follow steephill on Twitter for the latest race info and video updates.
switchbacks. Turn right at the next intersection onto NM 35. The second bonus sprint is at 42.4 miles on a narrow two-lane road. Race turns left onto San Francisco Street into San Lorenzo, then right onto Galaz, then right on NM 152. At 62 miles, the second feed zone is on the hill climb. Gatorade and neutral water are provided here. At 72 miles, you will cross a rough railroad track at the base of a high-speed descent and turn sharply to the left onto NM 356 to the Town of Bayard until you reach US 180 at 76.9 miles. Turn right onto US 180 and follow this for 2.2 miles, then turn right into Ft. Bayard for the 0.9 miles finish. Finish sprint is straight and has a very slight rise. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile and interactive map. — Steve

Stage 1 results: Levi solos to victory at the remote, mountain finish in Mogollon

April 28 update:

photo w/permission from  |   more day 1 photos (includes non pro races)
Stage 1 results:
1  Levi Leipheimer (Mellow Johnny's)  94 miles in 3:48:18 (39.8 km/h)
2  Tom Danielson (DZ Nuts)                         + 0:10
3  Cesar Grajales (OUCH-Bahati Foundation)         + 0:16	 
4  Phil Zajicek (Fly V Australia)                  
5  Andrew Talansky (U25 California Giant)          + 0:38
6  David Zabriskie (DZ Nuts)                       + 0:41
7  Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)
8  Alex Hagman (OUCH-Bahati Foundation) 
9  Chris Baldwin (UnitedHealthcare)                + 0:47
10 Jai Crawford (Fly V Australia)                  + 0:50
19 Floyd Landis (OUCH-Bahati Foundation)           + 1:28
22 Lance Armstrong (Mellow Johnny's)               + 1:46
Full Official Resultstourofthegila
Defending champ Leipheimer takes Gila openercyclingnews
Finish photo: Levi solos across the linecyclingnews
SRAM Tour of the Gila gets rollingtheroaddiaries
Leipheimer, Abbott, win Gila openervelonews
  Andrew Talansky interview, the top U25 rider today prior to race (07:19) — podiuminsight
  Stage 1 Race and Event Highlights (05:45) — sram
Abbott and Leipheimer best at Mogollonpodiuminsight
  Local TV Stage 1 Highlights (01:38) — KOAT
  Tom Danielson interview after stage 1 (01:42) — podiuminsight
Stage 1 photoscyclingnews
April 28 update: The official stage description: This is a 94.1 mile point-to-point race. After the start, take a 2.1 mile, neutral parade through the town and then left onto US 180, a 2-lane road with wide shoulders. The first bonus sprint will be at 20.4 miles. At 29.3 miles, turn right in Cliff onto NM 211 and enter feed zone area on the hill. Gatorade and neutral water are pro- vided here. Continue on NM 211 through Gila, then on a narrower NM 211 with a few short steep rollers to the main highway. At 35.6 mile, turn right on US 180 to Cliff again, completing the first of two 11.2 mile loops. Upon reaching Cliff, turn tight for a second trip through the feed zone and around the loop. Continue on US 180 to the second bonus sprint at 59.6 miles. Head on to Glenwood and enter feed zone area at 84.6 miles. Gatorade and neutral water are provided here. Turn right onto NM 159 at 84.4 miles and head toward the ghost town of Mogollon (pronounced MOH-guh-yone) where the road narrows and climbing begins for the last 6.7 miles. See the race summary table (r) for the stage profile and interactive map. — Steve

2010 Previews

New team kit for Team Mellow Johnny's for Tour of Gila on Twitpic April 28 update: Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer are back again at the Tour of the Gila racing for Mellow Johnny's, this time as a tune-up for May's Tour of California. Obviously, they like the low-key competition and hilly course among the ghost towns surrounding Silver City, New Mexico. This long-standing stage race has received a real boost the last two years with SRAM's title sponsorship and Lance Armstrong's participation. Also on the startlist are Dave Zabriskie, Tom Danielson, Danny Pate, Floyd Landis and last year's third place finisher, Phil Zajicek. — Steve

Mellow Armstrong returns to race Gila with his Johnnyscyclingnews
On Tap: SRAM Tour of the Gilapodiuminsight
Wind and ProTour riders will batter SRAM Tour of the Gila fieldsvelonews
Official Website tourofthegila
  2009 Event Highlights (02:22) — sram
  2010 Pre-Race Press Conference with Levi Leipheimer and others (07:19) — podiuminsight
Gila Tour good prep for Tour de France: