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Vuelta Castilla y León 2012 Live Dashboard
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We'll have two fewer stages of the picturesque Vuelta Castilla y León for 2012, another casuality of current tough times in Spain.
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News and Updates for Vuelta Castilla y León 2012


April 10 update: There will be no dedicated dashboard for this race this year but you can access race info, the startlist, results and possibly video highlights from our calendar link:
Vuelta a Castilla y Leon 2013 (2.1 ESP): race info, startlist, results and maybe highlights

Stage 3 resultsbiciciclismo
Stage 3 results and report cyclingnews
 Highlights from all three stages (44:30 spanish) —
April 15 update: The third and final stage of this year's low key (budget) Vuelta Castilla y León ends with a mountain stage featuring three category 1 climbs ending with a slight uphill finish in Segovia. It's been cold overnight in Spain and you may have noticed roadside snow on the cat 2 climbs during Saturday's stage. On Sunday, we go higher. See the race summary table (right) for the stage profile, map and timetable. — Steve

Vuelta a Castilla y Leon: Luis Leon Sanchez wins stage 2 cyclingnews

April 13 update: Stage 2, starts and finish in Ávila (photo above for the 2009 Vuelta a Espana), another historic site in the Castilla y León region. There are four cat 2 climbs on this hilly stage before the slight (3%) uphill finish. See the
race summary table (right) for the stage profile, map and timetable. — Steve

Stage 1 results
1  Manuel Cardoso (Caja Rural)         3:45:05
2  Enrique Sanz (Movistar Team) 
3  Francisco Pacheco (Gios-Deyser) 
4  Danilo Napolitano (Acqua&Sapone) 
5  Sergio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glaasdrive) 
6  Juan José Lobato (Andalucía) 
7  Fabio Taborre (Acqua&Sapone) 
8  Russell Downing (Endura Racing) 
9  Aníbal Borrajo (Jamis Sutter) 
10 Jon Aberasturi (Orbea) 
Cardoso wins opening stage at Vuelta a Castilla y Leoncyclingnews
Manuel Cardoso takes opening Castilla y León stage in bunch sprint velonation
Stage 1 main breakvueltacastillayleon
Stage 1 finish photovueltacastillayleon

April 12 update: Stage 1 is a 159 km loop hosted by Salamanca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988 (photo above). The stage will be lumpy with a cat 3 climb just past the half way point and it should end in a sprint finish although the roads around Salamanca are exposed and it's suppose to be windy on Friday. See the
race summary table (right) for the stage profile, map and timetable. It's unclear whether there will be live or delayed video coverage for this year's race. Tune in at 16:00 CET to see whether there is live video coverage as indicated by one source. See the race summary table (right) for the stage profile, map and timetable. — Steve

2012 Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León Race Preview

April 13 update: Vuelta a Castilla y León (Tour of Castile and Leon) in Northern Spain, normally a 5-day stage race, is a three day stage race for 2012. Since of the five stages in previous years included an individual time trial, we've only lost one road stage which is the important thing. When the economy improves in Spain, I'm sure this race will bounce back. This year's race runs from Friday April 13th to Sunday April 15th.

The 2012 event will start off with a lumpy stage around Salamanca, followed by a hilly stage around Ávila featuring 4 cat 2 climbs. The race wraps up with a mountain stage based in Segovia. None of stages have uphill or summit finishes. This year's race will feature 20 teams but only four are ProTour teams compared to six last year: Movistar, Euskaltel-Euskadi, Rabobank and RadioShack. Rabobank's Luis Leon Sanchez, Movistar's Juan Jose Cobo, RadioShack's Andreas Kloden and Tiago Machado, Saur-Sojasun's Jerome Coppel, Cofidis' David Moncoutie, Endura Racing's Jonathan Tiernan-Lock and... Michael Rasmussen (Christina Watches-Onfone) are some of the well known names on the startlist. See the race summary table for all the stage profiles, maps and timetables. — Steve

Castilla y León tour down to three days; Wren to lead Jamis velonews
Official Sitevueltacastillayleon
Castilla y Leó

January 24 update:
Castilla y León to lose two dayscyclingnews

En Directo: Live Video Streaming and TV Coverage

April 12 update: A work in progress for 2012 Vuelta a Castilla y León live and delayed coverage. Check back at race time for the unrestricted live links. Feel free to send in additional sources for possible live video, tv coverage or text updates/tickers as they become known. — Steve

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   delayed video (spanish)   tv schedule It appears, according to the tv guide, there is only delayed coverage starting at 22:00 CET each day; however, our source for live links is indicating there will be live coverage starting at 16:00 CET. We'll see.
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2012 Route Map

No official map is available. Here's a Castilla y León locator map within the scope of Spain:

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