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A classic French cycling photo from Stage 1 of the 2016 race. The Race to the Sun, Paris-Nice, is one of the best one week stage races of the year and is traditionally the real start to the (stage) racing season. 2017 updates are posted below.

Big Photos from 2016aso/flockton
Big Photos from 2015aso/flockton
Big Photos from 2014 (Stages 4 and on) — flockton
Big Photos from 2013 (Stages 3 through 7) — flockton
2012 Big Photos from all 8 Stagesreuters/sirotti/flockton
2011 Big Photos from all 8 Stagesreuters/sirotti
2010 Big Photos from all 8 Stagesreuters/sirotti

2017 Paris-Nice Teams
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News and Updates for Paris-Nice 2017

2017 Paris-Nice Preview

January 3 update:
2017 Paris-Nice route unveiledcyclingnews
Profiles for Stages 4, 6, 7, 8 now posted, see race summary table (right)

Video highlights/archived coverage from previous years
Race History with Past Winnerswikipedia

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Live Video Streaming and TV Coverage

January 13 update: This race is broadcast live each year. These were the 2016 broadcasters. Check back for 2017 live coverage options. — Steve

2017 Paris-Nice Route Map

Route Map (Large Version) —
Stage maps will be posted in the race summary table when they are available.

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